Wonder Product Charcoal – How to get Perfect Skin 

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Today, I prepared a little post about a hyped beauty product ingredient – Charcoal!

Let’s start with a little info on the ingredient: The so-called ‚activated charcoal‘ which is produced, just like normal charcoal out of wood, has small/low-volume pores for absorption.

So far so good – How does it actually help your skin?

  1. Cleaner and smaller pores – all the toxins on and in your skin from the environment you are living in clog your pores, charcoal helps to pull out all the dirt and oily remains. Use a face mask for exactly this effect.
  2. Less oily skin – as said before, charcoal absorbs all the oil in your pores and on your skin and leaves a softer feeling on it. I advise you to use a mask with charcoal once a week to avoid any irritation or dryness.
  3. Deeply cleaned skin – If used regularly as a cleanser or gel, charcoal can deeply clean your whole skin, clear your pores and heals irritations or cuts.

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Heute habe ich einen kleinen Post über einen total gehypten Beauty-Wirkstoff für euch – Holzkohle!

Fangen wir langsam an, mit einer kleinen Info zum Wirkstoff: Die sogenannte Aktivkohle wird, wie normale Holzkohle auch, aus Holz produziert, einziger Unterschied, sie hat kleine Lufträume, die gerade richtig sind, um Schadstoffe aufzunehmen.

Oooook, soweit, so gut – Wie hilft sie denn überhaupt der Haut dabei?

  1. Saubere und kleinere Poren – all die Gifte in und auf der Haut aus verschiedensten Umwelteinflüssen verstopfen die Poren, Aktivkohle hilft hier, die Poren zu säubern und überschüssiges Öl zu absorbieren. Am besten ist hier eine Gesichtsmaske, um diesen Effekt zu erzielen.
  2. Weniger ölige Haut – wie bereits gesagt, absorbiert Aktivkohle Öl auf der Haut und in den Poren und hinterlässt ein rundum weicheres Gefühl auf der Haut. Benutzt am besten mindestens ein Mal die Woche eine Maske, um Hautirritationen zu vermeiden, aber trotzdem weniger ölig zu sein.
  3. Tiefenreine Haut – Wenn regelmäßig eine Waschcreme oder ein Gel benutzt wird, kann Aktivkohle bis in die tiefsten Schichten der Haut helfen, das heißt saubere Poren, weniger Irritationen und heilende Verletzungen.

I guess everybody knows the black masks that every youtuber mixes or uses at the moment to clean the pores and remove blackheads… I also wanted to try these sooo badly but I found out these sticky and gluey masks can totally ruin your skin! When pulling off the mask you will not only remove your blackheads but also the first layer of your skin. If you do this repetitively it can cause severe damage to your skin such as redness and irritation. And we don’t want that!

So what is an alternative that still cleans your skin?

In my local drugstore I recently found three new products made off charcoal.

These are a washing gel without soap, a cloth mask and a nose strip. Out of now I tested the washing gel on a daily basis for more than two weeks and I have to say, especially around and on my nose, my pores look much cleaner than before. Also I used one nose strip and it is not as aggressive as the gluey ones I’ve seen before and didn’t leave any redness or irritation on me but flawless nose area…

images via dm drogeriemarkt

Ich denke jeder von euch kennt diese schwarzen Masken, die alle Youtuber momentan selbst mixen oder benutzen, um die Poren zu reinigen und Mitesser zu beseitigen… Ich musste sie natürlich auch unbedingt ausprobieren, aber nachdem ich recherchiert hatte, habe ich festgestellt, dass diese extrem klebrigen und festsitzenden Masken die Schutzschicht der Haut komplett ruinieren! Wenn ihr diese Art von Maske benutzt und sie abzieht, beseitigt ihr nicht nur die Mitesser (was im Prinzip ja gut ist), sondern auch kleine Hautpigmente und die erste dünne Schutzschicht der Haut. Wenn ihr das also immer öfter macht, kann das zu wirklichen Schäden führen, wie Hautrötungen und Irritationen. Und genau das wollen wir ja nicht!

 Was sind also die Alternativen, um die Haut trotzdem effektiv zu reinigen?

In meinem Drogeriemarkt fand ich vor kurzem drei Produkte mit Aktivkohle Wirkstoff.

Dies sind zuerst ein Waschgel ohne Seife, eine Tuchmaske und Nasenstreifen. Bis jetzt habe ich das Waschgel länger als zwei Wochen täglich getestet und muss wirklich sagen, dass es gerade im Nasenbereich, meine Poren viel kleiner und sauberer aussehen, als vorher. Außerdem habe ich schon einen von drei Nasenstreifen getestet und dieser hat nicht zu fest geklebt, weder rote Flecken, noch Irritationen hinterlassen und meine Nase sehr gut gereinigt…

If you’re not able to grab these items, I have some other products you can consider to clean your pores and get a flawless skin!

Falls ihr diese Produkte nicht bekommen könnt, habe ich hier ein paar Beauty-Tipps herausgesucht, die ebenfalls die Poren reinigen und makellose Haut zaubern!

A cleanser by origins for a daily use that absorbs all toxins, via Sephora
A mask with Himalayan Charcoal that purifies and gives you a nice glow via The Bodyshop
A gel perfect for hydration with charcoal extracts via Sephora

I hope that helped you a little to update your skin care routine and let me know what your favorite charcoal products are!

Ich hoffe, dass ich euch mit meinem kleinen Hautpflege-Update helfen konnte und teilt mir auf jeden Fall eure Lieblingsprodukte mit Aktivkohle mit!

Stay sparkling!


Featured image via self.com.


Flawless Skin – It’s all about Masks!

Hey Guys!

And welcome back to the Real Wonderland. Today I prepared a little blog post about my top three favorite masks at the moment. I now how everybody is obsessed with masks – be it peel-off, second skin or extraordinary ingredient masks… We all kinda jumped on to that trend and I have to admit I’ve always been huge fan of masks – there’s nothing more relaxing after a long day than this. So here we go, my personal top three masks!

3. The Body Shop – Tea Tree (100ml for 9.00€)1a

I’ve been using this product for a while, especially when I’m really suffering from breakouts and general bad and inflamed skin. The Body Shop describes this product as a cleansing clay mask that cools and relaxes the skin whilst repairing it – all of this with the help of tea tree. My impression of the mask were very good, it cleans my face, absorbs oils and it feels really fresh after removing the mask. Personally, I let the mask sink into my skin for about 10-15 minutes to get a really good result. (PS: Also it’s a really fun mask as you look like Elphaba from Wicked)


2. L’Oréal Paris – Pure Clay Detox Mask (50ml for 9.95€)


And again a clay mask – I’m a huge fan of this kind of masks, they work best for my oily skin… This mask is out of the L’Oréal Detox collection which features three different masks. This one is with clay and charcoal to detoxify, clear and absorb any impurities. I find this texture to be very smooth and creamy on the skin. I usually use this mask generally to clean my face or to get rid of any left-overs like make-up in my skin. What I really love about this mask is the smell after washing it off – my skin smells so nice, I can’t really define what it is but it’s amazing!


1. The Body Shop -Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask (75ml for 18.00€)


One of The Body Shop’s SUPERFOOD masks. This one includes chinese rice-extracts, ginseng (a Chinese plant) and sesame seed oil and revitalizes, freshens and cleans the face. I really like this mask the most as it combines the energizing and clearing effect. Also I find the texture to be quite different – it feels crumbly but at the same time freaking soft when you apply it. Sometimes I use it as a peeling after I let it sink into my skin… Summing it up, this one makes my skin feel super soft and clean after I let it soak in for 10 minutes.


So that was my top three of masks, I hope you liked it and let me know about your masks… Btw I always advise you to clean your face properly prior to use and also wash your face with warm water before you apply any mask to open your pores. This was the mask’s effect  is stronger.

Stay sparkling! 



Sephora Haul – There’s Always a First Time

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Sadly, I’m home again… In the following days you thus can read about my two weeks in Italy and also my lovely weekend in Innsbruck! But today I prepared a haul for you that I’m kind of very proud of – in Italy I finally visited a Sephora store and bought quite some things, haha. Also to every product shown here, you’ll get detailed reviews in the following weeks, so stay tuned! Let’s jump right into it.

Benefit – Hoola Bronzer


I was thinking of purchasing this bronzer for such long time and was so lucky when I saw that it is 15% off in Italy at the moment. I just couldn’t resist… As far as I can tell, the color suits me really good and I can contour my cheekbones perfectly or give myself a natural look. I’m just really curious whether I can still use it in autumn/ winter when my tan faded but I will tell you asap. I just found out right away that the included brush is not as useful as I thought, there’s a lot fall-out with it.


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick – Rock Steady


How curious was I to discover the new Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks – their different finishes and shades. Unfortunately, neither the store in Florence nor in Venice had a big selection of shades and the ones I’ve been looking for were currently not available. Bad luck for me, however I couldn’t resist to check out the other shades and found a really nice and creamy dark red. The pigmentation is really amazing and I can’t wait to wear it for a night out.


Sephora – Smokey Eye Brush Set


I think I got this set 30% cheaper than the original price! I was actually looking quite some time for some eyeshadow brushes for the crease, eyelid and waterline and this set combines everything plus a nice black bag – ideal for traveling. There’s a large blending brush, a smaller one just for the crease, one for underneath the eye and last but not least a flat eyeshadow brush. The brushes looked quite elegant and of a high quality to me and as far as I can judge the brushes work excellently.

Sephora – Eye and Face Masks


Face Masks – the new trend in skin care I’d say. Of course I also had to test them and when I read about the Sephora masks and their good effect here on wordpress I put these on my list as well. I tried quite some differnet kinds: avocado, lotus, pearl, green tea and pomegranate. It was rather difficult to decide which ones to take, Sephora has a big range of masks – even feet and hand masks I didn’t take with me.

What did you recently buy at Sephora or what’s been on your shopping list for quite some time? Don’t forget to check out my Instagram Account!

Enjoy the evening!



Flawless Skin Here I Come – My Favorites of the Month

Hey Everyone!

I had the idea to create a new category: the Favorites of the Month. At the end of every month I will show you some products I couldn’t live without and simply admired that month.

So here they are!

The Nude Magique CC Cream – L’Oréal Paris (30ml for 13.99€ via Douglas)



A CC Cream that suits every skin tone and neutralizes any redness in your skin.

I found this product by accident in my drug store and had to try it as I sometimes suffer from red spots especially after a long night without enough sleep. It’s weird that the cream is suitable for light to medium skin tones like it says on the package and I wondered whether it suited my but I have to admit: It’s gorgeous!
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