Mac „Retro“ Satin Finish – Review & Swatches

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Hey Guys

Welcome back to The Real Wonderland…

I know it’s been a while but exams and papers were killing me, haha. Now that I started my internship, I’m happy that I have more time for my blog again! Without talking too much, let’s jump right into the review.


The Color

When I first saw the lipstick in a MAC store, I fell in love! MAC describes the shade as a „muted peachy-pinky brown“. It is a darker brown shade with just the right amount of peach, pink and plum tones to it, so perfect for me. You know, I had to get it. The lipstick comes in a satin finish so it is creamer than a matte one but still has opaque coverage with only one swipe. The finish is rather semi-matte and transfers a little, still it is quite long-lasting and wears perfectly for about 5 hours.


The Perfect Everyday Shade

How would I combine this shade? Well, as I’ve said, I love these shades so much because you can pretty much wear them with everything. I love combining this shade with (deep) brown or burgundy eyeshadows or just to add a pop of color for an everyday, more natural look. I have to admit that the shade appears to be darker and more reddish than MAC’s swatch on the website, so I recommend to swatch and try it on in stores before you purchase it – I assume that cool-toned and fair skin types have problems with this pretty warm lipstick.


So pretty much: I love this lipstick – I’d wear it nonstop but that’s just too boring (and I have too many other lipsticks as well… :D) Did you try this shade already? Or which one is your favorite MAC lipstick? Let me know in the comments, so I can test some new shades…

Stay sparkling!

Hallo ihr Lieben

Willkommen zurück bei The Real Wonderland…

Ich weiß, es ist schon etwas länger her, dass ich gebloggt habe, aber meine Klausuren und Facharbeiten haben mich etwas eingenommen, haha. Seit Anfang der Woche mache ich nun ein Praktikum und habe deswegen zum Glück etwas mehr Zeit für meinen Blog! Deswegen, ohne lange hier herum zu reden, los geht’s mit dem Review.


Die Farbe

Als ich den Lippenstift im MAC Store erblickt habe, war ich sofort verliebt! Auf der Homepage von MAC wird der Farbton als gedämpftes pfirsich-roséfarbenes Braun beschrieben und genau das ist er auch – ein dunklerer Braunton mit genau dem richtigen Mix aus pfirsich-, pinken- und pflaumenfarbenen Tönen – also perfekt für mich. Wie ihr euch denken könnt, musste ich ihn haben, sofort. Der Lippenstift hat ein Satin Finish, er ist viel cremiger als ein matter MAC Lippenstift, hat aber trotzdem eine hervorragende Deckkraft mit nur einem Auftrag. Das Ergebnis ist eher halb matt, halb cremig und färbt ein wenig ab, trotzdem hält er für ungefähr 5 Stunden sehr lange.


Der perfekte Alltags-Lippenstift

Ihr fragt euch, wie ich den Lippenstift immer kombiniere? Naja, wie bereits Millionen Mal erwähnt, liebe ich diese Art von Lippenstift Farbe so sehr, ich trage sie prinzipiell zu allem. Am besten passt die Farbe meiner Meinung nach zu (dunkel) braunem oder Burgunder farbenem Lidschatten. Natürlich könnt ihr ihn auch als kleinen Eyecatcher bei einem eher natürlichen Look tragen. Ich muss gestehen, dass die Farbe in Echt etwas dunkler und roter erscheint, als der Swatch auf der MAC-Website. Deswegen empfehle ich euch, ihn vorher im Laden zu testen und zu probieren – ich befürchte Mädels mit kühlerem, hellem Hautton haben eher ein paar Problemchen mit dem sehr warmen Lippenstift.


Also generell würde ich sagen: Ich liebe diesen Lippenstift – I würde ihn am liebsten jeden Tag tragen aber gut, das wäre ja langweilig (und ich habe einfach zu viele andere Lippenstifte :D) Kennt ihr diesen Lippenstift schon? Welcher ist euer liebster MAC Lippenstift? Schreibt’s mir gerne in die Kommentare, damit ich Neues austesten kann…

Stay sparkling!

Benefit Hoola – My Go To Bronzer

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been a while – university started again, and I had to work, no more holidays… But today I prepared a little review about my favorite bronzer at the moment: The Benefit Hoola Bronzer! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I bought this one at Sephora in Italy and saved I think 15% because it was on sale. I’ve never been quite sure whether to purchase this bronzing powder as it’s quite pricey but so many friends, blogger and YouTube people finally convinced me.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer (8g for 32.95€)

The packaging looks natural and kind of sustainable to me, it comes in a squared cardboard box with bamboo and chinese flower prints. The package contains a little mirror inside and also a flat brush made of natural hair with a wooden grip.

The bronzer is oilfree, so perfect for oily/ mixed skin types and absolutely matte. I’d OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdescribe this color as a warm latte macchiato brown without any strong red tones to it. The color is very very pigemnted and just one swipe of color is enough. With the included brush fallout is much likely to happen (because the hair is not that soft) but with a softer contouring brush I don’t face this problem any more. When I tested this product I was surprised of how soft and smooth the powder felt on my fingers and face.


The color is super blendable and gives a natural, sun-kissed look on your cheek bones, nose and forehead. It definitely has opaque coverage with just a small amount of product which makes it long-lasting as well. The powder lasted for over 6 hours on my skin and survived a 30+ degrees day…

Overall the product works well for me and I love the fact that it’s completely matte and oilfree. Contouring works excellent due to the pigmentation and a natural tan is also easy to achieve as the product is very blendable. Although I always thought that the price is too high I totally changed my mind now – the money is well invested as the powder is so long-lasting! I definitely recommend you to try this powder yourself…

What were your experiences with the lovely Hoola Bronzer?

Have a nice evening and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.


Featured Image: Benefit Cosmetics

Sephora Haul – There’s Always a First Time

Welcome Back!

Sadly, I’m home again… In the following days you thus can read about my two weeks in Italy and also my lovely weekend in Innsbruck! But today I prepared a haul for you that I’m kind of very proud of – in Italy I finally visited a Sephora store and bought quite some things, haha. Also to every product shown here, you’ll get detailed reviews in the following weeks, so stay tuned! Let’s jump right into it.

Benefit – Hoola Bronzer


I was thinking of purchasing this bronzer for such long time and was so lucky when I saw that it is 15% off in Italy at the moment. I just couldn’t resist… As far as I can tell, the color suits me really good and I can contour my cheekbones perfectly or give myself a natural look. I’m just really curious whether I can still use it in autumn/ winter when my tan faded but I will tell you asap. I just found out right away that the included brush is not as useful as I thought, there’s a lot fall-out with it.


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick – Rock Steady


How curious was I to discover the new Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks – their different finishes and shades. Unfortunately, neither the store in Florence nor in Venice had a big selection of shades and the ones I’ve been looking for were currently not available. Bad luck for me, however I couldn’t resist to check out the other shades and found a really nice and creamy dark red. The pigmentation is really amazing and I can’t wait to wear it for a night out.


Sephora – Smokey Eye Brush Set


I think I got this set 30% cheaper than the original price! I was actually looking quite some time for some eyeshadow brushes for the crease, eyelid and waterline and this set combines everything plus a nice black bag – ideal for traveling. There’s a large blending brush, a smaller one just for the crease, one for underneath the eye and last but not least a flat eyeshadow brush. The brushes looked quite elegant and of a high quality to me and as far as I can judge the brushes work excellently.

Sephora – Eye and Face Masks


Face Masks – the new trend in skin care I’d say. Of course I also had to test them and when I read about the Sephora masks and their good effect here on wordpress I put these on my list as well. I tried quite some differnet kinds: avocado, lotus, pearl, green tea and pomegranate. It was rather difficult to decide which ones to take, Sephora has a big range of masks – even feet and hand masks I didn’t take with me.

What did you recently buy at Sephora or what’s been on your shopping list for quite some time? Don’t forget to check out my Instagram Account!

Enjoy the evening!



Matte Lip Color Obsession – Arcancil Paris ‚Mat Hysteria‘

Hey Guys!

Everybody is into matte lipsticks and liquid lip colors at this time and of course I jumped onto that train. I love my matte lip cream from NYX but I really wanted to try a different brand from France – Arcancil Paris. I desperately wanted two colors from the Mat Hysteria collection and now here’s the review on my two favorite colors.

These lip colors are just two of 15 shades available. There are a lot of brown/nude tones in this collection but also red and bolder colors such as pink and orange. Arcancil promises a very good pigmentation whilst it lasts 12 hours. Also it should be very soft on the lips.


Arcancil Paris Mat Hysteria ‘510 Jazz Brun de Rose’


A pretty brown color, still with a rose undertone. It’s suitable for fair, medium and dark skin. I’d say this can either be you’re go-to nude (for darker skin tones) or a pretty brown-rose suitable for autumn and winter. It can also be worn during the day with a natural look.

Arcancil Paris Mat Hysteria ‘380 Prune Charleston’


I would consider this color a dark red with quite some dark rose in it. For me this is the perfect shade to wear for diner or on a night out. I don’t think it’s an everyday look except you really reduce the rest of your make-up.

Both of these lip colors come in a matte, and black packaging. The included applicator is of a medium size and pointed at the end to guarantee a precise application.

After testing and applying each of the colors on my lips I can say that they apply very smoothly. It’s important to take only little of the product otherwise you end up applying over the lip line. Both shades had an amazing pigmentation right after the application, so I needed just one swipe of color. They felt very smooth and more like a lip balm on my lips.

The lip colors dried really fast however I have to admit that it the feeling on my lips afterwards was a bit weird – really tight. Luckily this feeling went away after some seconds and a really pigmented color with 100% coverage was left.


And man do these colors last long! Arcancil didn’t joke when they promised 12 hours. You can drink and eat with these lip colors and they don’t fade. Even when I pressed my fingers on the dried color it didn’t run into them. I didn’t feel that the color dried out my lips which is a good sign for a matte lip color. Pretty difficult was still the removal – it only works with oily products.

The overall result is nevertheless great! I love the two colors as they can be used for various looks and the formula is amazing! So long-lasting without being too dry on the lips and no fading while eating. I can only suggest to try them yourself!

Which lip creams are you totally into?

Have a nice weekend!


NYX Wonderstick – Highlighting and Contouring

Greetings from Italy!


Today I prepared a post that I promised you about a month ago. As it’s still summer right now, I considered that highlighting and contouring is still a big deal to so many of you guys. That’s why I wanna show you the NYX Wonderstick – a cream stick, ideal for highlighting and contouring.

NYX Wonderstick (8g for 11.99€)

This creamy stick is available in four different shades – light, medium, universal and deep. I went for the shade medium, although I consider myself to be rather fair, because the shade ‘light’ has a rather grey/brownish tone for the contouring not like the medium which is warmer and I prefer warmer undertones.


But what I asked myself at first sight: Why is it a Wonderstick? Well it’s not like the usual highlighting/contouring sticks as this one offers the two colors separate. I thought it’s a better idea to have them separated to guarantee a precise finish.

The Wonderstick comes in a carton package that shows a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it correctly. Although I’d say there are million different ways to contour, depending on your face form and size, it’s still very useful for your first attempts.


Now – the colors… My medium shade has a quite light beige tone almost like my concealer with some slight shine to it, also the shape of this stick differs to the contour stick – it’s pointed. The contour color is a warm, milk chocolate brown with a round end. I guess it’s chosen perfectly (for me) as I mostly work more precise with the highlighting stick.


The texture of both of these colors is really creamy but not sticky. Once applied to the face it’s easy to blend out with a brush or a damp beauty blender and the face doesn’t look blotchy afterwards – the colors both have good coverage and can also be build up easily. The only thing I dislike about the stick is the smell of both of the sticks – rather chemical and unnatural, would have been better if they at least scented it…

However all in all this is a great product (two-in-one) for this price and it’s perfect for traveling as you save some space in your makeup bag. Considering the shades available I guess there is a suitable one for everybody (you can prove me wrong!) and the colors harmonize well together.

Did you try this one already or what do you use to highlight and contour?

Have a nice evening!