Designing my own Eyeshadow Palette Vol. I – Wycon Cosmetics

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to the Real Wonderland, today’s post is going to be about my recently purchased magnetic eyeshadow palette and the refills from the brand Wycon Cosmetics. So for all Italian girls out there, definitely check this brand and their eyeshadows out (as far as I know they only ship to Italy)!

I purchased this magnetic palette and three eyeshadows during my vacation in Italy to test their quality and to finally have an eyeshadow palette where I have all my favorite magnetic shadows from brands like Mac, Makeup Geek or ABH in one single place.

You wanna hear more about this – then let’s jump right into it!

The Palette

The palette I decided to purchase is the „Magnetic Palette Large“ which holds space for 15 refills (Wycon eyeshadow size) from Wycon Cosmetics. It retails for only 6.90€ compared to a large Z palette which is about 19€. It almost looks identical to a black Z palette and is manufactured in the same way – a slim, light-weight cart box that closes magnetically and has a see-through top. The palettes comes in an extra black cart box that protects it from any damages – I find this very useful for traveling. However, when I opened mine and touched the magnetic ground, it had quite some unevenness (I don’t know if that’s very common for this palette) so that the refills were not laying straight in the palette. Still, I don’t find this to be a huge problem, with enough eyeshadows you barely see it.

The Eyeshadows

All in all, Wycon has 81 (!) different shades starting from white matte and shimmery colors over browns, pinks, blues, greens, finishing with grey and black ones – the color range is enormous! Also their price is so affordable as each shadow retails for 3.90€. 


I decided to purchase three eyeshadows – one of it shimmery, another one glittery and the third  one is matte. I wanted to try different formulas and see, whether they all have a great quality. Here is my color selection:

  • No. 3 Champagne Satin – a white, golden shimmery shade that’s perfect for inner corner highlights
  • No. 34 Dark Gold Satin – a glittery, warm golden shade that I use on my entire lid
  • No. 16 Nude Matt – a dusty, warm-toned rose brown which works fine for the crease

Overall I am more than satisfied with the quality of all the eyeshadows. The pigmentation is really good, especially for the crease color. So it means you don’t need that much product at one time but can intensify the color more and more. To have a really bright white and gold I wetted my brushes and also used an eyeshadow primer to make the colors last longer and to have a brighter result. The only problem I faced is with the more glittery shade as it tends to have some fall out. Also the satin finish seems to look different as No. 3 is more a shimmery finish, whereas No. 34 is glittery when you applied it onto your lids.

Considering the actual product you get for the price I realized that the pans are a lot bigger than other eyeshadow refills like ABH or MakeupGeek! That makes it a good product and money value overall…

Have you also recently purchased any refills or magnetic palettes and eyeshadows? Let me know down below in the comments and to check out Wycon’s shades and palettes, visit their website. Stay tuned for Vol. 2 of designing my personal eyeshadow palette!

Stay sparkling!



Throwback to Italy – Traveling through Ravenna and San Marino

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to the Real Wonderland. Better late then never they say, today I finally finished preparing my travel diary of our two last stops in Italy – Ravenna and San Marino.

I hope you enjoy this little flashback and let’s jump right into it!


One day we realized we kind of suffered from a sunburn so we decided to spend the whole day in Ravenna, also doing a little sightseeing tour. We bought our tickets, got a map and then walked through whole Ravenna to see all the old churches and monuments. Most of these are officially part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

We started at the entrance to Basilica di San Vitale and visited the old church with its beautiful ceiling, all the paintings and mosaics still from the Roman era make this basilica famous. I have to admit, it was really impressive. Next up we walked through the old town and came across the grave of Dante, a well-known philosopher and poet in the Middle Age. 


After seeing almost every cathedral and basilica in Ravenna we came to our last stop – the dome of Ravenna. The Cattedrale della Risurrezione di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo is the main church in Ravenna and also the seat of the bishop of this area. The present church’s architecture is of the 18th century – Baroque.


San Marino


As well in our two weeks of holiday, we visited the Republic of San Marino which is surrounded completely by Italy and since 2008, the historic center is a world heritage. Actually, we just strolled around the historic center and visited the old fortress and experience an amazing view but see yourself!

I really liked their old center and all the little boutiques and restaurants in every corner. Still, be aware when you’re shopping – I found out that some fragrance shops sell fake perfume…

So I hope you liked this little travel review and I’m looking forward to hear about your recent travel destinations.

Stay Sparkling!






Flashback to Summer – Venice Look

Hey Guys!

It’s been a while that I’ve published my travel diary about Venice, if you haven’t read it yet, here it is!

Today, as it’s turning colder and colder outside, I wanna share with you the outfit I wore in Venice. So let’s go!

Off-Shoulder Top – Pull&Bear

Shorts – Zara

Shoes – Les Tropeziennes

Sunglasses – Dior

To be honest, this was one of my favorite outfits during my vacation in Italy, it was just too comfy and still looks great…

If you’re interested, here are the looks I wore in Florence, Ravenna, Nice and Saint Tropez!

How do you like my look, guys?


Stay sparkling!


„Everything in Venice is just a little bit creepy, as much as it’s beautiful.“ – Christopher Moore

Welcome back everyone!

Today I prepared a travel post about my trip to Venice and San Marino during holidays. I hope you enjoy the pictures and travel diary…

Let’s start with Venice & Murano!

It’s such a beautiful island, we decided to start to walk to the Piazza San Marco and went along the quarter Canareggio. We kind of found out that we walked longer than we could have but anyway, we wanted to go round the island as well…



What I liked were the little Italian houses mixed with different architectural styles such as the Gothic or Romantic architecture where famous architects such as Mauro Codussi left their marks. If you leave the normal ‚tourist route‘ it turns out to by less crowded but still very beautiful. Also I love all the little canals and small bridges in Venice – it actually consists of 118 different, little island!

We decided to go to the Ponte di Rialto first – unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of it, they were refurbishing it –  and then along the canal finally into the direction of the Piazza San Marco. And it was so impressive! The architecture is amazing! However it was really crowded so we just strolled along the little shops around the place where I found a really nice leather bag from a Florentine leather manufacturer…


Our next stop was the Ponte dei Sospiri – a short historical insight, it used to be the place where the prisoners had the last chance to look into the lagune and feel some kind of freedom before they were imprisoned. I found it to be very small and little but still hundreds of people gathered in front of it…


From there we took the public transport to Murano – an island close to Venice known for its glass creation. I loved the ride with the boat although it was quite expensive (15€ for one person) but the surrounding looked so pretty and it was nice to get some fresh air and have a shady place to sit – it was really warm that day!


Arrived at Murano, we visited one of the many glass manufacturers and in a very touristic show they showed how they manufacture Murano glass with its special patterns. We then decided to discover the island a little and strolled around the streets, visited some churches and ate the best ice cream ever – mine was coconut and tasted amazing!

After a little while – and some shopping in the many Murano glass shops – we went back to Venice and made our way to the place we parked our car. I really enjoyed our day in Venice and Murano and I’m looking forward to visiting these islands and later also Burano again.

Hope you liked my little travel diary!


Discovering the old city Ravenna – What I’ve been wearing


Hey Guys!

We’ve been to Ravenna some days ago. What did we do? Well, of course some sightseeing – Ravenna used to be an old Roman town, even the capital of the Roman Empire for some time. Especially the churches in Ravenna are a reason for a visit: S. Apollinare in Classe, S. Apollinare Nuovo and the Basilica in Classe are the most famous ones… And what Ravenna is also most famous for: the beautiful mosaics in and around almost every building. However, today is not going to be a travel report about Ravenna (this will follow later) but a post about the outfit I wore whilst discovering Ravenna.

Here it is – I decided to go for a pretty colorful dress as for me the Italian style is more daring when it comes to wearing colors. It must be the great weather I guess. So that’s my look.


Dress – Vintage Petticoat Dress

Shoes – Pier One

Sunglasses – Esprit


Pretty simple I’d say but still meaningful. What do you say? Enjoy the rest of the day!