Mac „Retro“ Satin Finish – Review & Swatches

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Hey Guys

Welcome back to The Real Wonderland…

I know it’s been a while but exams and papers were killing me, haha. Now that I started my internship, I’m happy that I have more time for my blog again! Without talking too much, let’s jump right into the review.


The Color

When I first saw the lipstick in a MAC store, I fell in love! MAC describes the shade as a „muted peachy-pinky brown“. It is a darker brown shade with just the right amount of peach, pink and plum tones to it, so perfect for me. You know, I had to get it. The lipstick comes in a satin finish so it is creamer than a matte one but still has opaque coverage with only one swipe. The finish is rather semi-matte and transfers a little, still it is quite long-lasting and wears perfectly for about 5 hours.


The Perfect Everyday Shade

How would I combine this shade? Well, as I’ve said, I love these shades so much because you can pretty much wear them with everything. I love combining this shade with (deep) brown or burgundy eyeshadows or just to add a pop of color for an everyday, more natural look. I have to admit that the shade appears to be darker and more reddish than MAC’s swatch on the website, so I recommend to swatch and try it on in stores before you purchase it – I assume that cool-toned and fair skin types have problems with this pretty warm lipstick.


So pretty much: I love this lipstick – I’d wear it nonstop but that’s just too boring (and I have too many other lipsticks as well… :D) Did you try this shade already? Or which one is your favorite MAC lipstick? Let me know in the comments, so I can test some new shades…

Stay sparkling!

Hallo ihr Lieben

Willkommen zurück bei The Real Wonderland…

Ich weiß, es ist schon etwas länger her, dass ich gebloggt habe, aber meine Klausuren und Facharbeiten haben mich etwas eingenommen, haha. Seit Anfang der Woche mache ich nun ein Praktikum und habe deswegen zum Glück etwas mehr Zeit für meinen Blog! Deswegen, ohne lange hier herum zu reden, los geht’s mit dem Review.


Die Farbe

Als ich den Lippenstift im MAC Store erblickt habe, war ich sofort verliebt! Auf der Homepage von MAC wird der Farbton als gedämpftes pfirsich-roséfarbenes Braun beschrieben und genau das ist er auch – ein dunklerer Braunton mit genau dem richtigen Mix aus pfirsich-, pinken- und pflaumenfarbenen Tönen – also perfekt für mich. Wie ihr euch denken könnt, musste ich ihn haben, sofort. Der Lippenstift hat ein Satin Finish, er ist viel cremiger als ein matter MAC Lippenstift, hat aber trotzdem eine hervorragende Deckkraft mit nur einem Auftrag. Das Ergebnis ist eher halb matt, halb cremig und färbt ein wenig ab, trotzdem hält er für ungefähr 5 Stunden sehr lange.


Der perfekte Alltags-Lippenstift

Ihr fragt euch, wie ich den Lippenstift immer kombiniere? Naja, wie bereits Millionen Mal erwähnt, liebe ich diese Art von Lippenstift Farbe so sehr, ich trage sie prinzipiell zu allem. Am besten passt die Farbe meiner Meinung nach zu (dunkel) braunem oder Burgunder farbenem Lidschatten. Natürlich könnt ihr ihn auch als kleinen Eyecatcher bei einem eher natürlichen Look tragen. Ich muss gestehen, dass die Farbe in Echt etwas dunkler und roter erscheint, als der Swatch auf der MAC-Website. Deswegen empfehle ich euch, ihn vorher im Laden zu testen und zu probieren – ich befürchte Mädels mit kühlerem, hellem Hautton haben eher ein paar Problemchen mit dem sehr warmen Lippenstift.


Also generell würde ich sagen: Ich liebe diesen Lippenstift – I würde ihn am liebsten jeden Tag tragen aber gut, das wäre ja langweilig (und ich habe einfach zu viele andere Lippenstifte :D) Kennt ihr diesen Lippenstift schon? Welcher ist euer liebster MAC Lippenstift? Schreibt’s mir gerne in die Kommentare, damit ich Neues austesten kann…

Stay sparkling!

Designing my own Eyeshadow Palette Vol. 2 – Makeup Geek

Hey Guys,

Welcome back to my blog and today, I prepared a post about my personalized eyeshadow palette – Vol. 2. If you’re interested in my first post about it, then click here.
So, without further talking, let’s get started!

After strolling a million articles about pressed magnetic pigments, I finally decided to order Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow. I heard so many good things about their quality and pigmentation that I really wanted to try these – btw their color selection is simply amazing!

I picked up six different shades, three matte and three duochrome shadows. Each of them retails for about 5.60€. Their other formula, the foiled eyeshadows (which I haven’t tried yet), retail for 9.40€ are a bit more expensive. The size, compared to my Wycon pans is way smaller and the overall amount of product is „only“ 1.8g.

The Mattes

I decided to purchase one lighter shade for an everyday and natural eye look. However, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and got two kinda dramatic shades for special looks and occasions.


Crème Brulée – a lighter, brownish color which looks similar to sand – for me this is the perfect crease color.

Morocco – a poppin‘ red orange shade which I use on my entire lid for very dramatic looks.

Cherry Cola – it’s said to be a deep brown with reddish undertones but for me it appears to be a purple-dark brown shade with only a little bit of red to it, it’s perfect for the outer corners of my eyes.

These matte shadows apply so soft on the lid and are really easy to blend. Still, they tend to have a little fall-out (especially the brown one) but if you know how to handle it, the eyeshadows work fine.

The Duochromes

These are my so to speak fun colors, still I can use these on a daily basis if applied alone on the entire lid. Especially now in spring, these are my go-to colors!


Voltage – a citron/vanilla base with sparkly champagne reflections.

I’m Peachless – a rosy base with peach-like reflections.

Mai Tai – A peachy based shadow with pretty pink reflections.

What I really love about these eyeshadows is that they are actually two in one. When applied correctly (and it took me a while to figure that out…) the reflections show up in such a pretty way! I definitely recommend to use an eyeshadow base or the NYX jumbo eye pencil in „milk“ to make the color pop and also wetten your brush before applying the eyeshadow.

Why Makeup Geek?

Overall, I’m really happy with my selection. They apply and look fantastic (if you know their flaws and work against them) and are pretty cheap compared to other brands. Also, when I checked their color selection only I really couldn’t decide on which colors to test as they have so many different shades! Recently, I found out that their products are cruelty-free, they don’t test on animals and the eyeshadows are talc and paraben free (which are usually ingredients in poor quality shadows and can be carcinogenic), if that’s not a great value for money!

Did you already test Makeup Geek eyeshadows? Qhat do you think?

Stay sparkling!


Flashback to Summer – Venice Look

Hey Guys!

It’s been a while that I’ve published my travel diary about Venice, if you haven’t read it yet, here it is!

Today, as it’s turning colder and colder outside, I wanna share with you the outfit I wore in Venice. So let’s go!

Off-Shoulder Top – Pull&Bear

Shorts – Zara

Shoes – Les Tropeziennes

Sunglasses – Dior

To be honest, this was one of my favorite outfits during my vacation in Italy, it was just too comfy and still looks great…

If you’re interested, here are the looks I wore in Florence, Ravenna, Nice and Saint Tropez!

How do you like my look, guys?


Stay sparkling!


My Summer Favorites – Beauty and Fashion Wishlist

Hello guys,

since I almost finished my internship and will finally be able to enjoy the summer and to travel around Europe in about 1 week I thought of preparing a post about my favorite summer items, accessories and products that I won’t live without this summer. This post also includes a little wishlist of products I want to purchase in Italy and France during my vacation.

If you’re interested in getting some inspirations, keep on reading!


Ethno & Hippie Sandals

I can’t help it, I’ve seen pictures of these beautiful sandals since three months and now they’re everywhere. I just need them… I don’t know about you but I like the colorful design and the accessories. It’s very extraordinary and so unique. I’m looking forward to stroll through all French and Italian boutiques to finally find such a pair of amazing sandals! They’re just perfect for summer… (These sandals are from DimitrasWorkshop)

 H&M – Bordeaux Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit.pngI always thought I can’t wear jumpsuits, I’m not very tall and never found a fitting model but last month I stumbled across a short, bordeaux jumpsuit at H&M. My boyfriend finally convinced me to try it and it fit! I just had to buy it then, it was 39.99€. I find this to be a quite special jumpsuits as it’s not just simply red: it’s strapless, embroided and with really nice patterns. But see yourself…

Vintage Shopping

When I travel, I check the Internet whether the city/region has some vintage and thrift shops I can get extraordinary and individual pieces. I love to buy some designer pieces such as shoes or bags there and also just pretty tops or bottoms I fall in love with. The prices can vary a lot, for instance I know a secondhand designer boutique in France that offers labels for sale starting from 50€ without any price limit, hahaha… Still, on vintage markets or thirft shops, clothes can be very cheap and still in a good shape 😉 I will definitely post an article about these shops when I’m on holiday. Keep on reading!

Off-Shoulder Tops & Shirts

My all-time favorite piece this season! You see it everywhere and you can get it everywhere. My favorite colors are coral shades, blue and for tanned skin white. Here I have some photos from different brands for you as an inspiration:


Mango (29.99€)


Zara (Sale: 12.99€)


Bershka (17.99€)


Chanel – Rouge Coco Style

chanel styloI’m looking at these beauties every time I go shopping… Personally, I love the darker red shade and the peachy, beige shade. The Chanel Stylos launched in 2016 and offer two products at the same time: intensive color and a very glossy and lip balm feeling on the lips. Because of the size I’d say it’s quite easy to apply and fits in every pocket and bag. For me the packaging also looks very elegant.

EOS – Lemon Drops

eos-Lippenbalsam-Lemon_Drop_SPF_15Let’s start this post with an essential product for the beach. Not so long ago I stumbled across a new eos lip balm. I’m not a huge fan of the color yellow, for no apparent reason, still I like the smell of lemons and when I saw that their new lip balm smells and tastes that way and also has a SPF of 15 I thought it would be my perfect companion for beach days. As eos produces very natural products with almost 100% natural ingredients, except the packaging of course, I considered this to be a good investment. (Photo Credits by Douglas)

W7 – In The Buff

I recently bought this palette in a set with two other palettes (review about them will follow soon!) and I’m desperately in love with it. It has so beautiful nude colors, shimmering, metallic and nude. This palette is the perfect dupe for the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay for an amazing price. With these 12 shades you can create neutral and also glamorous looks, so perfect for day and night.

Urban Decay – Vice Lipsticks


Since their launch in the beginning of June and prior I have been searching the Internet for swatches to see all of their 120 shades (20 of them exclusively at Sephora) ‚live‘. Until now, I have some favorites I wanna try at Sephora in Italy to see if they suit me and how they feel on my lips… Still, I think the color range is amazing and the different formulas leave great choice for everyone! The lipsticks retail at 19€ so I definitely have to figure out my top three I want to have so badly otherwise I’m broke, haha. (Photo Credit

My favorite colors are:

  • Gash
  • Wildfire
  • 1993
  • Backdoor
  • Conspiracy
  • Nighthawk
  • Tampered
  • Ravenswood
  • Venom
  • Manic
  • Shame

I hope I gave you some inspiration and hope you can enjoy your summer to the fullest! What are your favorites and what are you planning to purchase on vacation?


Flawless Skin Here I Come – My Favorites of the Month

Hey Everyone!

I had the idea to create a new category: the Favorites of the Month. At the end of every month I will show you some products I couldn’t live without and simply admired that month.

So here they are!

The Nude Magique CC Cream – L’Oréal Paris (30ml for 13.99€ via Douglas)



A CC Cream that suits every skin tone and neutralizes any redness in your skin.

I found this product by accident in my drug store and had to try it as I sometimes suffer from red spots especially after a long night without enough sleep. It’s weird that the cream is suitable for light to medium skin tones like it says on the package and I wondered whether it suited my but I have to admit: It’s gorgeous!
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