Maybelline Fit me! – New Make-Up Routine

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Welcome back to the Real Wonderland! Today, I prepared a little review about my new favorites out of the line Maybelline Fit me! that really enriched my everyday make-up routine. All in all, I purchased three items of the whole line.  But see for yourself…

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Fit me! Matte + Poreless Foundation


As I am one of those girl tending to have quite oily skin in my T-zone – especially during summer time – I am always looking for rather matte foundations where my skin is not too shiny. The matte + powerless foundation promises to cover up little break-outs, mattifies and softens the skin out. Sounds quite promising, so I HAD to try it…

I chose the shade 105 „Natural Ivory“ however they offer 16 different shades ranging from really light to colors for darker skin. Mine really fits me when I’m not tanned. The application with a brush worked evenly and it didn’t feel thick or uncomfortable while wearing, rather soft. Probably that’s because of the powder particles inside the fluid that also leave a soft focus, poreless and matte finish on the skin. After one application, my red spots and any unevenness was simply gone – the coverage can still be intensified in areas with more breakouts. Also, it wore perfect for about 8 hours and didn’t crumble around my nose and most importantly it didn’t look cakey nor shiny. The only downturn is that it comes in this tube and doesn’t have a pump…

Fit me! Concealer


The concealer is said to be the perfect dupe for the NARS Radiant Creamy, not only the packaging but also the finish… Here, I have the shade „fair“ which has more of a rosy undertone than the „light“ one. What’s said is that they only offer four different, lighter shades – so not really suitable for darker skin tones.

The concealer feels really creamy when applying and blending with a beauty sponge and the coverage is really opaque, still, it doesn’t look nor feel thick or cakey. For me, it perfectly covers my blue circles around my eyes. The only negative aspect is that it creases under my eyes, but when set appropriately with a white setting powder, this doesn’t happen that much.

Fit me! Anti-Shine Stick


This stick promises a quick application and a long-lasting matte finish. When I first tested it, I really had my doubts because I wasn’t too familiar with stick foundations and I simply couldn’t even out the shade…

I picked mine in the shade 115 and as you can see, the middle is quite lighter and should avoid to make you look oily and shiny. Well, after my first use, my face looked shiny and uneven – I couldn’t handle the stick. After googling a lot I tried to apply only some stripes throughout my face and I blended it with a wet beauty sponge instead of a foundation brush. And voilà, it looked better! Overall, it gives my skin a very comfortable and soft feeling and it doesn’t look cakey anymore. Another pro is the fact that I don’t need a powder to set the foundation, it feels quite powdery already. Moreover, the stick helped to stop my face from looking too shiny and it lasted perfect for some decent 6-7 hours on me.

So, that was it! Did you also try the Maybelline Fit me! line? What’s your favorite?

Stay sparkling…



W7 Palette „In The Buff“ – Review & Swatches (Vol. I)

Welcome Back to the Real Wonderland!

Today I’m happy to say I’m starting a little series of posts about the brand W7. Some weeks ago I purchased their „Glam Box“ including three different palettes that I’m really happy with.


But now, let’s get right into the first one…

W7 Eyeshadow Palette „In The Buff“ (15.6g for ~6.50€ via Amazon)

This palette contains 12 different powder eyeshadow from nudes and beiges over glittery gold shadows to dark brown and black colors.


The packaging is light, elegant, out of beige-rosy metal and easy to transport – so perfect for traveling. The eyeshadows are in a black foam which does not look that elegant and the palette contains no mirror on the inside. (That’s probably where they saved the money)

Considering the brush – to be honest, I don’t use it… It is very hard and it’s not possible to blend or work in the color properly. I guess it’s not very useful for applying eyeshadow anyway.


Out of the 12 shades only three are matte and the rest is glittery and shimmering. I personally love that as I’m mostly using matte shades as a base, in the crease and then glitter shades to highlight my eyes.

  • Buff – a matte, beige shadow with yellow undertones, perfect for blending/ as base
  • Camel – a shimmering gold tone that’s perfect for highlighting
  • Sand – a colder beige tone with some rosy parts in it (shimmering)
  • Dust – a copper/bronze shadow, also with shimmer
  • Chocolate – a matte, quite dark brown
  • Topaz – a shimmering darker brown-bronze tone
  • Earth – a more neutral/silver shimmering bronze tone
  • Storm – a khaki tone with some shimmer
  • Silk – a very light/silver based shimmering shadow with rosy highlights
  • Wave – a slightly shimmering lighter brown and bronze tone
  • Thunder – a darker brown with only slight shimmer (not very opaque)
  • Onyx – a matte black (not very opaque)

The pigmentation is most of the times almost opaque, as you’ll see in the swatches down below, some colors tend to have a bit fall-out and aren’t as pigmented as they look in the palette. Still, when applying they all are creamy and silky. With an eyeshadow base, the colors also look brighter and stay on longer. Especially for the colors Thunder and Onyx I’d recommend to use a wet brush to apply the color and the pay-out is great.


I have to admit, I love this palette! The colors are great and always useful and it’s such a good value for money. And a little hint – this palette is an excellent dupe for the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay!

I hope you found this review helpful… Now I wanna know something from you: Did you try other palettes from W7? How’d you like these? If you want to know more about the Glam Box, don’t forget to come back to the Real Wonderland!

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