Throwback to Italy – Traveling through Ravenna and San Marino

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to the Real Wonderland. Better late then never they say, today I finally finished preparing my travel diary of our two last stops in Italy – Ravenna and San Marino.

I hope you enjoy this little flashback and let’s jump right into it!


One day we realized we kind of suffered from a sunburn so we decided to spend the whole day in Ravenna, also doing a little sightseeing tour. We bought our tickets, got a map and then walked through whole Ravenna to see all the old churches and monuments. Most of these are officially part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

We started at the entrance to Basilica di San Vitale and visited the old church with its beautiful ceiling, all the paintings and mosaics still from the Roman era make this basilica famous. I have to admit, it was really impressive. Next up we walked through the old town and came across the grave of Dante, a well-known philosopher and poet in the Middle Age. 


After seeing almost every cathedral and basilica in Ravenna we came to our last stop – the dome of Ravenna. The Cattedrale della Risurrezione di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo is the main church in Ravenna and also the seat of the bishop of this area. The present church’s architecture is of the 18th century – Baroque.


San Marino


As well in our two weeks of holiday, we visited the Republic of San Marino which is surrounded completely by Italy and since 2008, the historic center is a world heritage. Actually, we just strolled around the historic center and visited the old fortress and experience an amazing view but see yourself!

I really liked their old center and all the little boutiques and restaurants in every corner. Still, be aware when you’re shopping – I found out that some fragrance shops sell fake perfume…

So I hope you liked this little travel review and I’m looking forward to hear about your recent travel destinations.

Stay Sparkling!







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