Advent Calendars – My New Favorites

Hey Guys!

And welcome back to the Real Wonderland! I know, I know, it’s been a while but today I have some exciting news to tell. I was sent two lovely advent calendars from Youstar that are just perfect for Christmas and advent time. If you’re curious on what’s in there, keep on reading!

For those who don’t know Youstar (yet), the brand offers high quality cosmetics to a comparable low price! They have everything – from eyebrow products, over lovely lip colors to eyeshadow palettes (which especially I love) – and their pieces go with the trend. You can find perfect dupes here for high-end brands like Urban Decay or Benefit!

Youstar – Colorful Xmas (currently on sale for 24.95€)

What a pretty packaging and so theme-oriented. This calendar brings you 24 beautiful and colorful nail polishes as far as I can alread tell, they have the perfect Christmas and New Year’s Eve shades. What I love about this, you get shades for special occasions but also the classic red, taupe and nude polishes. Of course you’re also equiped with different top coats so that you decide what finish you’re longing for. Some look rather pearly finish whilst others are really shiny and glittery. Here’s a small look inside…

innenYoustar – Pretty X-Mas (29.95€)

Love the packaging! I’m so excited to try this one here as it contains a great variety of cosmetics – lipsticks, eyeshadows, bronzers and so much more! I can’t wait to test these and see if they’re really appropriate dupes for other high-end brands! Generally, the variety of this calendar is great for everyone looking for a nice cosmetics advent calendar as this one contains something suitable for everybody!


What kind of calendar did you get this advent? Let me know…

Stay Sparkling!



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