„Everything in Venice is just a little bit creepy, as much as it’s beautiful.“ – Christopher Moore

Welcome back everyone!

Today I prepared a travel post about my trip to Venice and San Marino during holidays. I hope you enjoy the pictures and travel diary…

Let’s start with Venice & Murano!

It’s such a beautiful island, we decided to start to walk to the Piazza San Marco and went along the quarter Canareggio. We kind of found out that we walked longer than we could have but anyway, we wanted to go round the island as well…



What I liked were the little Italian houses mixed with different architectural styles such as the Gothic or Romantic architecture where famous architects such as Mauro Codussi left their marks. If you leave the normal ‚tourist route‘ it turns out to by less crowded but still very beautiful. Also I love all the little canals and small bridges in Venice – it actually consists of 118 different, little island!

We decided to go to the Ponte di Rialto first – unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of it, they were refurbishing it –  and then along the canal finally into the direction of the Piazza San Marco. And it was so impressive! The architecture is amazing! However it was really crowded so we just strolled along the little shops around the place where I found a really nice leather bag from a Florentine leather manufacturer…


Our next stop was the Ponte dei Sospiri – a short historical insight, it used to be the place where the prisoners had the last chance to look into the lagune and feel some kind of freedom before they were imprisoned. I found it to be very small and little but still hundreds of people gathered in front of it…


From there we took the public transport to Murano – an island close to Venice known for its glass creation. I loved the ride with the boat although it was quite expensive (15€ for one person) but the surrounding looked so pretty and it was nice to get some fresh air and have a shady place to sit – it was really warm that day!


Arrived at Murano, we visited one of the many glass manufacturers and in a very touristic show they showed how they manufacture Murano glass with its special patterns. We then decided to discover the island a little and strolled around the streets, visited some churches and ate the best ice cream ever – mine was coconut and tasted amazing!

After a little while – and some shopping in the many Murano glass shops – we went back to Venice and made our way to the place we parked our car. I really enjoyed our day in Venice and Murano and I’m looking forward to visiting these islands and later also Burano again.

Hope you liked my little travel diary!



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