Urban Decay Vice Lipstick – „Rock Steady“

Hey guys,

I’m back with a brand new review, this time it’s on the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in the shade „Rock Steady“. I was so excited to finally get my hands on these but sadly I’m quite disappointed in their lipsticks… Why? Read about my experience down below.

120 shades, 20 of these exclusive to Sephora and six different and revised formulas. I was more than curious about their color range and their new formulas. As you could read in my Summer Favorites Post, I had a list of 10 favorite shades I wanted to swatch and buy… Well, at Sephora I was more than disappointed as some shades were simply not available (I checked three different stores) and the ones they had looked horrible on me. Still, I didn’t want to leave the store without an Urban Decay lipstick as I really wanted to try one of these, so I decided to go for a pretty dark red with a cream finish:


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick – „Rock Steady“ (3.4g for 18.99€)

Talking about the paper packaging, its looks so pretty. I love the different colors of stacked lipsticks. Further, the packaging of the lipstick itself feels like high quality – a silver cap with carvings and a golden bottom, really nice. It also appeared to be quite ‚heavy‘ for a lipstick packaging.


I’d describe the cream formula as follows: semi to full opaque coverage, high pigmentation, a little shine. The color for me is a  deep wine-like red and it has warm undertones to it. It is a cream finish so it should feel smooth when applying with a bit of shine to it.

That’s what the color looks like in the packaging but when I applied it to my lips it looked pretty much like a purple/ pinky red… To be honest, the pigmentation and the coverage are amazing, just one swipe and boom: popping and bright lips, but the color looks so much different and I don’t like pinky lispticks on me, at all!


Also concerning the texture, the lipstick felt really really tacky on my lips and when I opened my mouth it felt uncomfortable. Generally, the texture was not as smooth and soft as I expected it but rather damp and seriously too sticky. It did have some shine to it but as I don’t like the color, I’m just not happy with it as well. It didn’t leave a moisturized or hydrated feeling on my lips but made them rather dry after a while and after the re-application.

Considering the longevity, the lipstick ran into the corners of my lips, left huge prints on my food, water bottle and I even found some of the color in my car… So the color faded pretty fast, it only lasted for about two hours and I had to re-apply it again. Also I found it hard to apply the color precisely, I don’t know why but it was just too creamy and tacky…


So overall, you see I’m really disappointed – I expected so much, the color, the formula and the opinions of others… What were your experiences with the Vice Lipsticks? Any recommendation for me on how to solve my problem?

Have a great evening!





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