Benefit Hoola – My Go To Bronzer

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been a while – university started again, and I had to work, no more holidays… But today I prepared a little review about my favorite bronzer at the moment: The Benefit Hoola Bronzer! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I bought this one at Sephora in Italy and saved I think 15% because it was on sale. I’ve never been quite sure whether to purchase this bronzing powder as it’s quite pricey but so many friends, blogger and YouTube people finally convinced me.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer (8g for 32.95€)

The packaging looks natural and kind of sustainable to me, it comes in a squared cardboard box with bamboo and chinese flower prints. The package contains a little mirror inside and also a flat brush made of natural hair with a wooden grip.

The bronzer is oilfree, so perfect for oily/ mixed skin types and absolutely matte. I’d OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdescribe this color as a warm latte macchiato brown without any strong red tones to it. The color is very very pigemnted and just one swipe of color is enough. With the included brush fallout is much likely to happen (because the hair is not that soft) but with a softer contouring brush I don’t face this problem any more. When I tested this product I was surprised of how soft and smooth the powder felt on my fingers and face.


The color is super blendable and gives a natural, sun-kissed look on your cheek bones, nose and forehead. It definitely has opaque coverage with just a small amount of product which makes it long-lasting as well. The powder lasted for over 6 hours on my skin and survived a 30+ degrees day…

Overall the product works well for me and I love the fact that it’s completely matte and oilfree. Contouring works excellent due to the pigmentation and a natural tan is also easy to achieve as the product is very blendable. Although I always thought that the price is too high I totally changed my mind now – the money is well invested as the powder is so long-lasting! I definitely recommend you to try this powder yourself…

What were your experiences with the lovely Hoola Bronzer?

Have a nice evening and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.


Featured Image: Benefit Cosmetics


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