Enjoyed Florence to my Fullest – Travel Diary

Hello Everyone!

My holidays in Italy are over, sadly… Still, I promised to write a little review about the journey, places we visited and what we discovered. Today I’ll start with part I and the second will follow soon! Also a little post about my lovely weekend in Innsbruck is in progress.


Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

During our first week, we visited Florence – a city in the Tuscany. Florence’s origin goes back to the Roman Empire when the city was found. Moreover Florence is considered to be the birthplace of Italian Renaissance which can be seen at the many monuments and arts. Because of this beauty, Florence is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Palazzo Medici Riccardi

We arrived quite early in the morning and decided to park close to the historic center so that we could walk there in 5 minutes. On our way to the famous Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore we saw so many beautiful palaces – I really advise you to keep your eyes open, mostly you can go inside the inner court without paying anything. Already on our way to the cathedral I thought: „WOW! Florence is so beautiful!“It was really crowded when we arrived there so we didn’t stay that long and walked along the shopping streets. We often decided to spontaneously visit a Palazzo or change our route when we discovered another pretty-looking monument or building. We came across so many amazing architecture! Here are just some impressions from our time…


Piazza della Repubblica


At the river Arno

I definitely have to go back to Florence, one da was just not enough and it’s so pretty. What I loved the most were these little, tiny side streets where not so many tourists went and where still amazing buildings and architecture were. Of course we also did some shopping and Florence has a wide range of individual boutiques and shops – italian shoes, jewelry, clothing and cosmetics, I couldn’t resist!

I hope you liked this little post, where did you spend your summer?



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