Sephora Haul – There’s Always a First Time

Welcome Back!

Sadly, I’m home again… In the following days you thus can read about my two weeks in Italy and also my lovely weekend in Innsbruck! But today I prepared a haul for you that I’m kind of very proud of – in Italy I finally visited a Sephora store and bought quite some things, haha. Also to every product shown here, you’ll get detailed reviews in the following weeks, so stay tuned! Let’s jump right into it.

Benefit – Hoola Bronzer


I was thinking of purchasing this bronzer for such long time and was so lucky when I saw that it is 15% off in Italy at the moment. I just couldn’t resist… As far as I can tell, the color suits me really good and I can contour my cheekbones perfectly or give myself a natural look. I’m just really curious whether I can still use it in autumn/ winter when my tan faded but I will tell you asap. I just found out right away that the included brush is not as useful as I thought, there’s a lot fall-out with it.


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick – Rock Steady


How curious was I to discover the new Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks – their different finishes and shades. Unfortunately, neither the store in Florence nor in Venice had a big selection of shades and the ones I’ve been looking for were currently not available. Bad luck for me, however I couldn’t resist to check out the other shades and found a really nice and creamy dark red. The pigmentation is really amazing and I can’t wait to wear it for a night out.


Sephora – Smokey Eye Brush Set


I think I got this set 30% cheaper than the original price! I was actually looking quite some time for some eyeshadow brushes for the crease, eyelid and waterline and this set combines everything plus a nice black bag – ideal for traveling. There’s a large blending brush, a smaller one just for the crease, one for underneath the eye and last but not least a flat eyeshadow brush. The brushes looked quite elegant and of a high quality to me and as far as I can judge the brushes work excellently.

Sephora – Eye and Face Masks


Face Masks – the new trend in skin care I’d say. Of course I also had to test them and when I read about the Sephora masks and their good effect here on wordpress I put these on my list as well. I tried quite some differnet kinds: avocado, lotus, pearl, green tea and pomegranate. It was rather difficult to decide which ones to take, Sephora has a big range of masks – even feet and hand masks I didn’t take with me.

What did you recently buy at Sephora or what’s been on your shopping list for quite some time? Don’t forget to check out my Instagram Account!

Enjoy the evening!




4 Kommentare zu „Sephora Haul – There’s Always a First Time

  1. Those masks look nice – what was your opinion about them? Worth the buy?

    What I am looking for ages now is a nice foot bath (of course with bubbles) – one that smells nice and not feet-related (not like the usual stuff you’d get at DM) and makes the water silky and smooth…. any recommendations here?

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Haven’t tried them yet, will do so during the weekend now and then upload a review 🙂
      Hahaha I know what you mean 😉 maybe check the lush bubble bath bombs. They smell great and my skin feels very moisturized after a bath… You can probably also use them for your feet :))

      Gefällt mir

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