Matte Lip Color Obsession – Arcancil Paris ‚Mat Hysteria‘

Hey Guys!

Everybody is into matte lipsticks and liquid lip colors at this time and of course I jumped onto that train. I love my matte lip cream from NYX but I really wanted to try a different brand from France – Arcancil Paris. I desperately wanted two colors from the Mat Hysteria collection and now here’s the review on my two favorite colors.

These lip colors are just two of 15 shades available. There are a lot of brown/nude tones in this collection but also red and bolder colors such as pink and orange. Arcancil promises a very good pigmentation whilst it lasts 12 hours. Also it should be very soft on the lips.


Arcancil Paris Mat Hysteria ‘510 Jazz Brun de Rose’


A pretty brown color, still with a rose undertone. It’s suitable for fair, medium and dark skin. I’d say this can either be you’re go-to nude (for darker skin tones) or a pretty brown-rose suitable for autumn and winter. It can also be worn during the day with a natural look.

Arcancil Paris Mat Hysteria ‘380 Prune Charleston’


I would consider this color a dark red with quite some dark rose in it. For me this is the perfect shade to wear for diner or on a night out. I don’t think it’s an everyday look except you really reduce the rest of your make-up.

Both of these lip colors come in a matte, and black packaging. The included applicator is of a medium size and pointed at the end to guarantee a precise application.

After testing and applying each of the colors on my lips I can say that they apply very smoothly. It’s important to take only little of the product otherwise you end up applying over the lip line. Both shades had an amazing pigmentation right after the application, so I needed just one swipe of color. They felt very smooth and more like a lip balm on my lips.

The lip colors dried really fast however I have to admit that it the feeling on my lips afterwards was a bit weird – really tight. Luckily this feeling went away after some seconds and a really pigmented color with 100% coverage was left.


And man do these colors last long! Arcancil didn’t joke when they promised 12 hours. You can drink and eat with these lip colors and they don’t fade. Even when I pressed my fingers on the dried color it didn’t run into them. I didn’t feel that the color dried out my lips which is a good sign for a matte lip color. Pretty difficult was still the removal – it only works with oily products.

The overall result is nevertheless great! I love the two colors as they can be used for various looks and the formula is amazing! So long-lasting without being too dry on the lips and no fading while eating. I can only suggest to try them yourself!

Which lip creams are you totally into?

Have a nice weekend!



8 Kommentare zu „Matte Lip Color Obsession – Arcancil Paris ‚Mat Hysteria‘

      1. Looked (at length) through their online store – the color coral samba looks promising too. Tried to use their online store, but something didn’t work with the payment system. Lucky me though: I actually live 20 min away from France and I found a store just across the border (usually there are only food stores in that area, thats why I didn’t try this approach first). So you know where I am going to spend my afternoon 😀

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