Kiko Cosmetics Blushes – Creamy vs. Powder


Today I prepared a new kind of post for you – I’m comparing my two Kiko blushes for you. Same brand, same kind of product but so different in their use, focus and result. Curious? Then read about it yourself.

Here at hand I have the Rebel Bouncy Cream Blush in Treasure Rose and the Blending Wave Multicolor Blush in the shade 03. The first one is a cream blush whereas the second one is powdery. So let’s go ahead…

The Packaging

I love elegant and golden packages so my favorite here is the Rebel Bouncy blush, it comes in a golden packaging with some ornaments on and inside is little mirror as well. It looks quite classy and sophisticated. Although the Blending Wave Blush also contains a mirror, the packaging is ‘cold’. It’s simply white with a stripe of bright pink color, that’s it…

The Color

Both colors are more or less a rose tone whereas the powder blush is two-colored – one light rose and another darker/brownish rose tone. Also the cream blush is more or less a darker rose. Well, I can’t help it, I love this color too much.

The Application

I always thought that a cream blush is hard to apply and difficult to work into the skin, leaving just a stripe of bold color but that’s not the case with this one. I use a real techniques blush and dap on the color two times and then apply it in circular motions on my cheeks – perfect color result. Coming to the powder blush, I have to admit that I found it quite difficult at the beginning to get the right amount of product on my brush. I often had too much and then just a bright spot of color on my face. Still, I found a way to avoid it by now. Neither is it dusty but smooth and soft when applying it – there’s no fall out as well.

The Pigmentation

As I’ve already told you, it was hard for me to get not too much product of the powder blush on my face… Also, this one is not very blendable only little to be honest. So it’s better to build up the color. (Well, at least it’s long-lasting then 😀 ) The cream blush has a great coverage and pigmentation, giving the cheeks an either natural look with only a little product or by building the color up leaves a more dramatic accentuation of the cheeks.

The Price

As the blushes are from the same brand, the prices are almost the same. Both are a limited edition and come from two different collections. I think I remember they both retailed for about 11€ but are now on sale! However, the cream blush is ways smaller than the Blending Wave blush so I figure this one is more worth the money.

The Overall Result

Honestly, I love both of the blushes! You get a really good quality for this price. Yes, I struggled with the powder blush in the beginning because it is too pigmented for my (one swipe of color) but now that I figured it, the color looks pretty and natural on my face. Also the cream blush gives a nice color finish and is easy to apply and blendable (which I didn’t expect for a cream blush). Overall, both colors give great pigmentation but I’d still prefer the powder blush just because it’s a blending wave and it’s bigger. You get two colors in one and more product…

Do you prefer cream or powder blushes? Let me know!





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