Chanel Rouge Allure „Énigmatique“ – Review and Swatch

Hey guys!

Last week in France (here are my favorite moments in pictures and text about it) I bought a super pretty Chanel lipstick – well I convinced my mum to buy it… I had my eye on this one for a long time, the color is just so gorgeous. Now I tested it and prepared a little review for you.

Chanel Rouge Allure Énigmatique (3.5g for 34.99€)

The lipstick comes in the classic Chanel Allure packaging – black with the golden Chanel logo to press on to open the lipstick. Looks, as always with Chanel classy and elegant.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The color is a warm red that’s a bit darker than a bright red – rather goes into the direction of a muted red. What I love about the Allure lipsticks, they have quite some shimmer as well. This lipstick comes with some golden, shimmering particles. The lipstick promises to be easy to apply, leaving a satin and long-lasting finish, Douglas also described it as a melting texture.



And here are the facts… The lipstick indeed just glided on to my lips and felt very smooth in the beginning and after applying. The pigmentation is really good, leaving almost opaque coverage after the first layer which is not too bad for a shimmering and shiny looking lipstick.

The lipstick then turned to a quite satin/ semi-matte finish with quite some shimmer in it which I really like. However I found out that the product runs into the outer corners of my lips (well it was 35 degrees when I wore it) but I guess this can be avoided using a lip liner before applying. Next, how long did it last? Well, it did last quite some time as it developed a rather satin finish but due to weather conditions and a little sweating the color faded a little. After lunch and drinking I had to re-apply the lipstick. I guess the long-lasting finish is only possible if it’s ‘colder’ and you’re not drinking or eating with it.


Overall I’m still in love with this lipstick! Reading some other reviews, some found the lipstick quite dry on the lips which is not my case – it caressed them rather and left a smooth feeling even after hours. The lipstick also lasts quite some time if you’re not eating or drinking and most importantly – the COLOR! I think this darker, warm red is perfect for summer and autumn and can be worn during daytime and at night. Perfect!

What do you guys say? Which Chanel lipsticks do you have – what are your opinions on them?





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