My Week at the French Riviera – Beautiful Moments and Pictures

Hello Everybody!

My week in France flew by so fast, I still can’t realize it by now. 6 days were nothing and of course we didn’t have time to visit the whole area – well we did that already in the previous years but anyway, the Côte d’Azur is always pretty – I want to show you what I discovered and saw this year.


One of our first visits was Nice. I always love to visit the Antique Market there, you can nice4find everything there. Interior from the 19th century, old books (my favorite), vintage clothing from various designers, vinyl, paintings and everything else you want to find. This time I purchased an old French book about the literary walks of La Fontaine through Paris… We then decided to visit the old center of Nice – nested, narrow and old alleys and streets with an Italian touch.

nice2We saw little houses, colored in various pastel shades, small boutiques around every corner and restaurants offering traditional food. After visiting “Caprice Vintage” which offers amazing dresses and bags from the 50s onwards we decided to go for the restaurant “Le Romarin – cuisine niçoise familiale” – a good choice which we found out in the end. I enjoyed a plate of Tagliatelle with salmon whereas everybody else concentrated on traditional pizza.

After refreshing a little my mum and I were very excited for our next stop: a boutique that sells second hand designer clothing – the prices are incredibly ‘cheap’! Our last stop was the pavilion at the Promenade Anglaise… To be honest, it was and still is really sad, people placed flowers, candles, toys and posters everywhere, you feel how bad it hit Nice at the 14th July… #prayfornice


Saint Tropez

IMG_2444The next day, Saint Tropez was on our bucket list, it was Tuesday meaning the local market took place. So we first went there to buy everything we needed – spices and various different mixes of them awaited us, traditional sausages with tomato or chorizo, cheese and even olives.

IMG_2442The culinary lovers will enjoy it to their fullest! What I love as well is the antique area – who would have thought that, haha. Still, here it’s quite expensive but I love strolling around the old paintings, interior and furniture and really, really ancient books. Next stop was a typical Breton restaurant, here you can eat the tastiest galettes and crêpes in your lifetime (I swear!) – I had the classic Breton one with bacon and egg, also I enjoyed a glass of rosé and later on the typical Cidre.

11264882_827788407317437_200483699927593132_nAfter lunch we went (window) shopping… I love walking along the Rue François Sibilli all well-known designers – Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Miu Miu and so on, my heart jumped seeing all these beautiful pieces – have their shops there and you can discover the new fall collection and trends for the next season. As well Saint Tropez offers a large number of boho and hippie stores with beautiful pieces such as sandals with the most beautiful accessories, dresses and tops… Our next and last stop this day was a Château near Saint Tropez – Bertaud Belieu. We visited their cave and had a look a gigantic wine barrels and took some of their rosé and rouge home.

We spend the rest of the week at the beach tanning, swimming and just reading and had some tasty lunches and dinners throughout that time.

Hope you got a bit jealous seeing these photos! We’re have you been this summer?




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