NYX Wonderstick – Highlighting and Contouring

Greetings from Italy!


Today I prepared a post that I promised you about a month ago. As it’s still summer right now, I considered that highlighting and contouring is still a big deal to so many of you guys. That’s why I wanna show you the NYX Wonderstick – a cream stick, ideal for highlighting and contouring.

NYX Wonderstick (8g for 11.99€)

This creamy stick is available in four different shades – light, medium, universal and deep. I went for the shade medium, although I consider myself to be rather fair, because the shade ‘light’ has a rather grey/brownish tone for the contouring not like the medium which is warmer and I prefer warmer undertones.


But what I asked myself at first sight: Why is it a Wonderstick? Well it’s not like the usual highlighting/contouring sticks as this one offers the two colors separate. I thought it’s a better idea to have them separated to guarantee a precise finish.

The Wonderstick comes in a carton package that shows a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it correctly. Although I’d say there are million different ways to contour, depending on your face form and size, it’s still very useful for your first attempts.


Now – the colors… My medium shade has a quite light beige tone almost like my concealer with some slight shine to it, also the shape of this stick differs to the contour stick – it’s pointed. The contour color is a warm, milk chocolate brown with a round end. I guess it’s chosen perfectly (for me) as I mostly work more precise with the highlighting stick.


The texture of both of these colors is really creamy but not sticky. Once applied to the face it’s easy to blend out with a brush or a damp beauty blender and the face doesn’t look blotchy afterwards – the colors both have good coverage and can also be build up easily. The only thing I dislike about the stick is the smell of both of the sticks – rather chemical and unnatural, would have been better if they at least scented it…

However all in all this is a great product (two-in-one) for this price and it’s perfect for traveling as you save some space in your makeup bag. Considering the shades available I guess there is a suitable one for everybody (you can prove me wrong!) and the colors harmonize well together.

Did you try this one already or what do you use to highlight and contour?

Have a nice evening!



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