W7 Palette „The Cheeky Trio“ – Review & Swatches

Welcome Back to The Real Wonderland!

It’s weekend – finally! For me this means I have to pack my bags and get ready for my trip to France, Italy and Austria…

Today I’ll show you the last review of the W7 Glam Box: The Cheeky Trio.


So, let’s jump right into it.

W7 Cheek Palette „The Cheeky Trio“ (g for ~8€ via Amazon)

The rosé gold palette contains three different cheek products – a bronzer, a blush and a highlighter.


This packaging is as well really robust and light at the same time. Personally, I love this packaging the most – it has a rosé gold cover and looks really fancy and elegant…

This palette has three bigger containers so that you get enough return out of every product.


Let’s consider the shades itself. They’re all quite matte, even the highlighter, but I’ll come to this later.

  • Dream Machine – the bronzer is a really soft and warm brown tone
  • 5th Avenue – the blush is quite pinky and has some shimmer in it
  • Hot Stuff – a warmer, champagne tone

I’m really satisfied with the bronzer and blush as the pigmentation and color pay-off is good and the colors are really buildable. Considering the highlighter, I’m not that happy, the pigmentation is not opaque at all and the color is too weak as well. The bronzer is also ideal for contouring as well or for getting a sun-tanned skin.


Still, every product feels very soft and creamy and is easy to apply. There’s no fall-out and neither are the shades dusty.

I guess overall the palette is good, the highlighter is more or less not appropriate for me but it can be used as a face powder. For the cheap price however the cheeky trio is alright.

What do you think? Did you try it already? Do you know any other good cheek palettes?

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