W7 Palette „Midnight“ – Review & Swatches (Vol. II)

Welcome Back!

I hope you all enjoy summer, here it’s sooo rainy and quite cold…

But as I promised, I prepared part 2 of the W7 Glam Box posts. This time I’ll show you the palette „Midnight“.


W7 Eyeshadow Palette „Midnight“ (7g for ~4€ via Amazon)

The palette has 6 eyeshadows – a mix of matte and shimmering colors. The color range goes from a light rose tone over blue to darker purple shades.


As always with W7 the packaging is robust and still light. The eyeshadows come in a purple metal box and are stored in a kind of foam. Personally, I love this little size as it’s soooo practical for traveling and easily fits in your bag as well.

In this little palette you won’t find an included brush – no problem for me, I don’t like the W7 brushes that much…


Now a closer look at the eyeshadows itself – one is matte and the rest glittery and shimmering. For me this is just right as I love glittery and shimmering shades more than mattes.

  • Birthday Girl – my favorite color, a very rosy and glittering shade, perfect for highlighting the eyes
  • Pukka – a dark pink/ purple tone with pink glitter particles
  • Princess – a colder purple also with glitter, this time more white/grey
  • Magic Hat – a very popping purple with slight shimmer
  • Hot Pickle – a matte, slightly warmer purple than the other
  • Boom – a blue eyeshadow with a little shimmer

As you can also see in the swatches down below, the pigmentation is really amazing. I just needed one swipe of color to have a good and opaque coverage. What I really like is the glitter in the first three shades. It really pops into your eyes and is just perfect for highlighting. I use the matte color in my crease and it’s very soft and easy to blend. There’s pretty much no fall-out neither are the eyeshadows dusty but creamy.


Overall I give this palette an A+, the quality is great for that price and the colors are stunning! I use this palette to create a more ’natural‘ look with the rose glitter and the matte shade and for a more dramatic evening eye look, I use the darker and glittery shades. Definitely try it! I love it!

What do you think? Have you tested other W7 products? Let me know! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

Enjoy your afternoon Ladies!




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