Mac „Dubonnet“ Amplified Finish – Review & Swatch

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I finished my internship this week and prepare everything for my trip to France, Italy and Austria in 6 (!!!) days, yay!

This time I’d like to show you one of my favorite lipsticks at the moment, the Mac „Dubonnet“ with an amplified finish. I found this one by accident at a Mac counter, I was actually looking for the shade „Diva“ but for summer I found it too purple and dark. Thus, I decided to go with a bordeaux red shade: Dubonnet!

„Dubonnet“ – Amplified Finish (3g for 20.50€ via Mac)

5.jpgFirst of, the texture. Amplified is

  • highly pigmented
  • creamy when applying
  • opaque
  • long-lasting
  • almost matte with a slight shine

Overall, I really like this texture and the easy application.

The color is described as a ‚deepened claret‘ (wine red)according to Mac and well, it suits the shade. It’s a warm and deep wine or bordeaux red that is perfect for going out or for a classic red lipstick look. However it has a bit of brown in it and works well on nearly every skin tone. Additionally, the lipstick also provides for a sheen shimmer.

A picture with flashlight

The application is as simple as it could be! One swipe and you’re ready to go. It gives opaque coverage with just one layer and feels so smooth and soft when applying. Also afterwards, the lipstick more or less feels like a glossy cream or balm and for me it’s not at all drying after some time. The color looks great for more than 4 hours and after it dried you can eat or drink without wearing any irregularities. Still, when applying too much, the color can fizzle a bit. But either with just one layer or a lip liner everything works out well.

Another picture without flash

The pigmentation and the shade are just amazing for an everyday look or a dangerous and vampy look in the evening or for a night-out.

So I have to say, I love this shade. As I always love darker reds, this one is a perfect contriution to my collection and it lasts the whole day which is very good being on-the-go all the time!

Here’s a swatch to see yourself…


What do you think of it? DId you try the lipstick or would you? Share your thoughts… And don’t forget to check out my Instagram profile



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