My Summer Favorites – Beauty and Fashion Wishlist

Hello guys,

since I almost finished my internship and will finally be able to enjoy the summer and to travel around Europe in about 1 week I thought of preparing a post about my favorite summer items, accessories and products that I won’t live without this summer. This post also includes a little wishlist of products I want to purchase in Italy and France during my vacation.

If you’re interested in getting some inspirations, keep on reading!


Ethno & Hippie Sandals

I can’t help it, I’ve seen pictures of these beautiful sandals since three months and now they’re everywhere. I just need them… I don’t know about you but I like the colorful design and the accessories. It’s very extraordinary and so unique. I’m looking forward to stroll through all French and Italian boutiques to finally find such a pair of amazing sandals! They’re just perfect for summer… (These sandals are from DimitrasWorkshop)

 H&M – Bordeaux Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit.pngI always thought I can’t wear jumpsuits, I’m not very tall and never found a fitting model but last month I stumbled across a short, bordeaux jumpsuit at H&M. My boyfriend finally convinced me to try it and it fit! I just had to buy it then, it was 39.99€. I find this to be a quite special jumpsuits as it’s not just simply red: it’s strapless, embroided and with really nice patterns. But see yourself…

Vintage Shopping

When I travel, I check the Internet whether the city/region has some vintage and thrift shops I can get extraordinary and individual pieces. I love to buy some designer pieces such as shoes or bags there and also just pretty tops or bottoms I fall in love with. The prices can vary a lot, for instance I know a secondhand designer boutique in France that offers labels for sale starting from 50€ without any price limit, hahaha… Still, on vintage markets or thirft shops, clothes can be very cheap and still in a good shape 😉 I will definitely post an article about these shops when I’m on holiday. Keep on reading!

Off-Shoulder Tops & Shirts

My all-time favorite piece this season! You see it everywhere and you can get it everywhere. My favorite colors are coral shades, blue and for tanned skin white. Here I have some photos from different brands for you as an inspiration:


Mango (29.99€)


Zara (Sale: 12.99€)


Bershka (17.99€)


Chanel – Rouge Coco Style

chanel styloI’m looking at these beauties every time I go shopping… Personally, I love the darker red shade and the peachy, beige shade. The Chanel Stylos launched in 2016 and offer two products at the same time: intensive color and a very glossy and lip balm feeling on the lips. Because of the size I’d say it’s quite easy to apply and fits in every pocket and bag. For me the packaging also looks very elegant.

EOS – Lemon Drops

eos-Lippenbalsam-Lemon_Drop_SPF_15Let’s start this post with an essential product for the beach. Not so long ago I stumbled across a new eos lip balm. I’m not a huge fan of the color yellow, for no apparent reason, still I like the smell of lemons and when I saw that their new lip balm smells and tastes that way and also has a SPF of 15 I thought it would be my perfect companion for beach days. As eos produces very natural products with almost 100% natural ingredients, except the packaging of course, I considered this to be a good investment. (Photo Credits by Douglas)

W7 – In The Buff

I recently bought this palette in a set with two other palettes (review about them will follow soon!) and I’m desperately in love with it. It has so beautiful nude colors, shimmering, metallic and nude. This palette is the perfect dupe for the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay for an amazing price. With these 12 shades you can create neutral and also glamorous looks, so perfect for day and night.

Urban Decay – Vice Lipsticks


Since their launch in the beginning of June and prior I have been searching the Internet for swatches to see all of their 120 shades (20 of them exclusively at Sephora) ‚live‘. Until now, I have some favorites I wanna try at Sephora in Italy to see if they suit me and how they feel on my lips… Still, I think the color range is amazing and the different formulas leave great choice for everyone! The lipsticks retail at 19€ so I definitely have to figure out my top three I want to have so badly otherwise I’m broke, haha. (Photo Credit

My favorite colors are:

  • Gash
  • Wildfire
  • 1993
  • Backdoor
  • Conspiracy
  • Nighthawk
  • Tampered
  • Ravenswood
  • Venom
  • Manic
  • Shame

I hope I gave you some inspiration and hope you can enjoy your summer to the fullest! What are your favorites and what are you planning to purchase on vacation?



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