Essential Make-Up Brushes – A little 1×1

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I hope you all had a great weekend… Lately I was thinking about buying new and more qualitative brushes for applying my make-up when I got the idea of a new blog post. What are my essential brushes and tools for applying my make-up? Maybe you can also get some inspiration in which brushes you should/ shouldn’t invest. So here we go…

My Foundation Brush
The Luvia Cosmetics Set

This is a brush from Luvia Cosmetics. Their aim is to produce sustainable and eco-friendly brushes that are vegan and the hair of all the brushes is especially suitable for persons suffering from an allergy.
They don’t test on animals and produce the brushes from bamboo. I bought eight of their brushes in a set for about 30€ and am super happy with their quality and the application is very smooth and easy. (The second one on the left side is my go-to foundation brush)

My Powder Brush
Barbara Hofmann Brush

My favorite powder brush is from Barbara Hofmann, a beauty tools company that also sells their products at Douglas. This brush retails for 12.95€.  I fell in love with theses because of the look. The silver and „glass“ optic looks elegant and fits perfectly into my bathroom, also the color gradient looks very beautiful… The brush itself is of synthetic hair and applies powder very soft and smooth and feels comfortable on the skin. It has a round brush ‚head‘ which makes blending and applying powder very easy.


My Contouring and Concealer Tool(s)
makeup egg.png
Ebelin Make-Up Egg

For contouring, especially with a creamy contouring stick, I use a beautyblender. However I don’t own the original beautyblender but a purple ‚egg‘ from my local drugstore. The brand is ebelin. It’s as fluffy and also precise or rounded at each end like the original blender and works perfectly. The price is amazing as well, only 2.45€! For applying my concealer I use the same precise egg as for contouring except the color is pink here. By that the different colors don’t mix up.


My Blush Brush
Real Techniques Blush Brush

My favorite brush EVER! It’s a real techniques brush and I became such a big fan of their products, lately I bought their ‚Travel Essentials Set‘ and this one was part of it. It has really good grip and the pink color is lovely as well. As it is quite round it’s perfect for applying blush on my cheeks, still they call it a multitask-brush.  Also I love the two-colored hair which makes it quite special. Although the brush looks quite heavy, it feels light and perfect in my hand.


My Highlighting Brush
Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight

My newest brush right now… I always used a sloped brush for a sloped brush for applying my highlighter but then I ran into the Zoeva Luxe Highlight 105. It looks very classic and elegant in black and feels very light in the hands. The hair is white and of natural-synthetic fabrics. As it’s shaped like a flame it’s perfect for highlighting the cheeks bones and the cupids bow. It retails for 14.99€ and is worth every cent!


My Eyeshadow Brush(es)
Real Techniques Eyeshadow Brush

And last but not least I have two eyeshadow brushes I wanna show you: The first one is also from Luvia Cosmetics. I use this one to accentuate my crease and to give it some dimension. It has a very round shape and is ideal for blending the color into the crease. The second eyeshadow brush I’ll be showing you is the Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush. For me it’s perfect to give my eyes a good eyeshadow base such as a nude or lighter brown. As the brush is quite big for an eyeshadow brush, the results look very natural.


And that’s it!

Of course I possess so many other brushes than the ones mentioned before but here are just my all time favorites and the most basic brushes everyone should have in her collection. I hope I didn’t forget anything and helped you a little for your next purchases.

Now I’m curious, which brushes/ tools you use and what are your go-to brushes? Let me know in the comments.


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8 Kommentare zu „Essential Make-Up Brushes – A little 1×1

  1. Have you tried Bdellium Tools brushes, they’ve been my ‚go to‘ brush brand fir around 3+ years now & I live them so much I wouldn’t dream of using anything else, the real techniques miracle blending sponge is my only exception.
    Great post by the way x

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