Youstar Eyebrow Kit – Review & Swatches

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Two weeks ago I splurged on some Douglas products… *Ooops I did it again…* Actually, I just wanted to pick up the NYX Wonderstick, the perfect contouring stick (review will follow soon) but then I rushed into a very cheep and good-looking eyebrow kit. As everybody’s obsessed with eyebrow gel, powder and the perfect bow I had no other choice than trying it…

The Youstar Eyebrow Kit (6g for 6.99€ via Douglas)


At the beginning I didn’t know the price and was just attracted by the nice package which is a carton box very stable and easy to transport. Then I checked out the colors and was amazed by the content: 2 eyebrow powders, 1 wax and a highlighter. Also the kit includes a two-sided brush (a spooley and an angled brush)  and a tweezer. And finally, the most important question:
How much is this product? As I heard how cheap it is, there was no other way around buying this eyebrow kit. Also it is a limited edition so I decided to purchase it right away and not check any reviews and swatches as the colors looked really good and guys, the PRICE…!

So after reasoning for another beauty product purchase, let’s have a closer look at the product itself.

I didn’t know the brand Youstar before, it looks like it comes from the German brand „Dobner Kosmetik“ and is available in their online store and at Douglas. The brand offers various dupes for famous products such as the Naked palettes at amazing prices.


The packaging, as I shortly mentioned is very robust and comes in a small and easily transportable metal box. It looks really nice and kind of elegant with the black and brown combination and the discrete pattern. What I like as well, it contains a little mirror so it’s perfect for traveling or for reapplying when you’re on-the-go.

Also the colors are amazing for that price… First the highlighter, I really love the color it’s not too shimmering and has a really good color-payoff –  a very light color, so perfect for highlighting the brow. Next, there are two powders for the brows: one is more a brown-red tone and the second one is a neutral, brown greyish tone. Personally, I love the neutral one more than the other because it fits me a bit better. Still, I also use the brown-reddish tone as well for the ends of my brows. The last part of the kit is the wax. I use this one to fix my brows after applying the powders and it works well and stays in place the whole day.

In Natural Light
With Flashlight

Unfortunately, the powders can be a bit dusty when using a harder brush, so I suggest to apply more than one layer of product to avoid any fallout. Generally, when swatching the colors they felt really soft on my skin and were opaque. When using the wax everything is fixed so that fallout is no problem anymore.

Another feature of the kit is an instruction on how to perfectly apply the powders and how to get the perfect shape for your brow. Youstar also delivers some stencils that can be put on the brows to get the perfect shade… Well, I don’t need or use them but I guess these instructions and the stencils are great for people not that familiar with brow product and don’t know their perfect shade, yet.


Last but not least, the brushes. Overall, they seem quite tiny and here you see the cheaper quality. The tweezer is satisfying, I don’t think you can do something wrong there but the brush is of a very poor quality. It’s so tiny and also very hard so I can’t get brow powder on it, without any fallout. The spooley is ok, it is good to brush the hair before applying the powders but you can see and feel the poorer quality here as well.

All in all I still love this product. So perfect for traveling and it includes all things necessary to create the perfect brows and the color payoff is amazing for that price.

Here you have some swatches to see it yourself.


What products to you use for your brows? Let me know…


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