London – Follow Me Around: Favorite Hotspots

Welcome Back Everyone!

Today, I prepared a little post about my last journey to London. I want to show you my favorite spots, some sightseeing and the activities I enjoyed the most. If you’re interested in these beautiful pictures, keep on reading…

London By Night


What I really enjoyed, I had time to stroll around the Trafalgar Square by night. I think London is so beautiful when it’s dark and all the lights on the streets and buildings are shining.
I don’t know about you but for me big cities at night are just magical. So many things happen, restaurants are filled with a variety of different people and the streets are still alive. Also by night everything looks so perfect and untouched… (It’s getting philosophic here, haha)


Isn’t it wonderful how alive and enlightened the city looks by night? And when it’s dark you can discover so many different details that you don’t even recognize during the day.


Camden Town

What to say about this place, it’s crazy, amazes me and around every corner something/someone different awaits you. The most popular spot here is Camden Market, crowds of people walk through the alleys and halls of this place. And you can buy anything here: from DIY articles, over not so legal things to the most beautiful vintage books, clothes… Simply anything you can think of.


Another cool thing about this place: the facades. Big converse sneakers, tattoos and piercings, dresses or dragons hang on the walls. Even the architecture expresses the crazy quartier, old buildings paired with totally hip and modern shops, just a normal view in Camden Town.

Sightseeing Boot Tour

I know it sounds like a real cliché but I love these kinds of sightseeing tours. Sunny weather and a refreshing tour on London’s river Thames. It’s so relaxing to enjoy the view on London’s greatest sites: along Big Ben, the House of Parliaments, the London Eye and finishing at the Tower and the Tower Bridge. What I love as well, you learn a lot about the history and some fun facts while sailing on the river. The buildings and sights look even more impressive and elegant from the boat… Here you have some impressions:



Isn’t it amazing, how beautiful the skyline is? London has so many old and cultural houses and buildings, I simply can’t get enough of them!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little city trip, what ae your favorite things to do in London? Have you ever been to London? Let me know!


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