Mac Mineralize Skinfinish „Soft&Gentle“ – Review & Swatches

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Since I lately posted about my Top 5 Bronzers, I now have a review for you on the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter „Soft&Gentle“. It’s the perfect product to combine with one of the five bronzers… Also in two days another post about the Guerlain Météorites Highlighter will follow.
It took a long time until I finally decided to buy this highlighter as it is quite pricy. So I always went into a Mac store to ask them to apply the highlighter on me before I went shopping, haha. But after about a month, I finally bought it, well my mum purchased it, I annoyed her so much with this product, she just had to.

One of the Mac employees also let me know that this shade is the most popular one from this range when searching for a highlighter so I recommend you to check this product out when looking for a nice, warm and overall famous highlighter.

But now, let’s start reviewing!

„Soft & Gentle“ – Mineralize Skinfinish (32€ for 10g via Mac)

Mac describes this shade as a „gilded peach bronze“ and I definitely have to agree. The shaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAde of this product is very warm and golden, combined with a slight amount of peach and beige color. It is a really metallized and shimmering shade, so perfect as a cheek bone highlighter. This product should give a radiant finish and glow.


The packaging is of a very good quality, it comes in the standard black box, once opened the box, black as well, contains a magnifying glass and a magnet fastening. It feels very light in my hands and is also easy to transport because it does not open in your cosmetic bag.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe powder is easy to apply, I use my Zoeva highlighting brush and mostly need one application to have a good highlighting on my face. This shade gives a nice and warm shimmering finish and fits perfectly to a bronzed and slightly tanned skin tone. However the Soft & Gentle also fits to light and fair skin tones when applying thrifty.


The color is very buildable and gives almost opaque coverage. The main purpose of this skinfinish product is to produce shimmering highlights which it definitely fulfills. Further, the product neither crumbles nor creases but is very soft when applying. Personally I find it also a bit dust when applying too much product at the same time, so I recommend to build up the coverage when it is not satisfying after the first application.


You can additionally use this product to highlight your brows and also your cubits. When I’m traveling I tend to use as an eyeshadow color for the inner corner of my eyes.




Which highlighter do you use? Or what are your experiences with the Soft & Gentle skinfinish? Let me know.



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