Mac „Mocha“ Satin Finish – Review

Welcome Back Guys!

Now comes the second shade out of my Mac lipsticks collection. I don’t know why but recently I fell in love with the satin finish… I bought some lipsticks with this semi-matte finish and I have to say they’re amazing. Even after a long time on my lips it does not at all feel dry.

But now let’s s go!

„Mocha“ – Satin Finish (3g for 20.50€ via Mac)

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Mocha is described to be a „peachy, yellow-brown“ with a satin finish. Personally I think this shade is a rather darker brown tone and gives a very good coverage. It is very easy and smooth to apply. The lipstick does not feel dry on the lips instead it leaves a soft feeling, further the lipstick is very long-lasting, i guess for at least 4 hours including drinking and eating.

This brown shade has a warm undertone and also has a bit yellow to it, so the description is suitable.


On fair skin this shade looks very brown and on medium to darker skin I’d say it suits the description of a peachy lipstick. For me this shade is perfect for a nude and natural look or when you have a very dramatic eyelook. I love the consistency of the lipstick and also the pigmentation is just amazing. Only one swipe is enough to have a good coverage…

Overall I really love this shade as it is not a very popular one by Mac so not everyone knows and wears it (think of Ruby Woo) and it can look different on each skin tone.

Here are some photos and a swatch of this beautiful shade.




What do you think of this lipstick? Do you like it? Please tell me about it in the comments!

Have a great start into the next week…



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