Little Rituals Haul – Lip Products: Gloss & Balm

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Some weeks ago I visited the Rituals in my hometown to check out their hand creams, they always smell really nice and moisturize the hands perfectly… But stop, that’s not what the post is about, haha. At the cash desk I discovered their range of caring lip products, well, the packages attracted me.

First, I saw this beautiful lipgloss with a very oriental package, they offer it in 4 different colors and „tastes“, however after thinking about it for a very long time, I chose the „La Vie en Rose“ in fresh coral as a summer lipgloss.



La Vie en Rose – Fresh Coral (11ml for 8.50€ via


The lipgloss comes in a paper roll so to say and looks like a strong coral. It gives the lips a very moisturized and soft feeling and is shimmering and shining. The color is a very nice coral-pink. It does not at all feel sticky on the lips and is long-lasting.

What impressed me the most is the beautiful package! A mixture of Oriental/ Chinese ornaments and the French name and the package’s color. In general, the lipgloss is very satisfying and as it promises very smooth. Also I like the color which is a nice coral and a bit shimmering and of course glossy. And the smell is great as well, a flowery/ fruity smell.

Second, I bought the „Smooth Operator“ which is a lip balm with very rich ingredients.


Smooth Operator – Caring Lip Balm (4.8g for 8.50€ via


I thought that this is the perfect lip balm for a summer vacation/ beach day. The ingredients are eucalyptus and vitamin e so that the balm smells just like a mint bon-bon. It has a transparent color and gives the lips a very smooth, soft and healthy feeling. Even some cracks are perfectly corrected. The lip balm has a SPF of 15. Here also the package looked really nice and the wrapper of the balm feels very sturdy.


So overall, the lip balm is really good, tastes and smells like mint and is really caring!

The products generally are of a really good quality and work well however personally the price is quite high and I guess I will not buy a second lipgloss because of that.

What do you think? Do you know these products from Rituals and tried them? If you want a swatch from the lipgloss, just tell me. Let me know in the comments…






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