Mac „Cherish“ Satin Finish – Review

Welcome Back to The Real Wonderland!

Today I want to show you one of my favorite Mac lipsticks:

„Cherish“ – Satin Finish (3g for 20.50€ via Mac)


This finish is described as a semi-matte finish which means they shine just a little bit. The texture thus feels very soft and stays in place for a long time – even while eating and drinking.

„Cherish“ is a really nice beige with a slight touch of peach.

It gives full coverage and is very well pigmented. Due to the satin finish, the lipstick feels a bit glossy and soft which I personally like very much. Also it is not drying. The scent is – as always – vanilla-likely.

This shade is for me the perfect nude as it is not too light and has a good pigmentation. It wears well on my lips for about 5 hours with drinking and also eating something. I recommend using this shade when your eye make-up is really dramatic and popping out as it fits very well then and does get in the way.

I know that the price is quite high but Mac offers a phenomenal quality and the lipstick is very long-living. Due to the form of the lipstick I find the Mac lipsticks soooo easy to apply and putting it on ne time is enough.

Here you can see a swatch directly applied to my lips.


Do you know this shade? Which one of the Mac lipsticks is your favorite? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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See you soon…






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