Flawless Skin Here I Come – My Favorites of the Month

Hey Everyone!

I had the idea to create a new category: the Favorites of the Month. At the end of every month I will show you some products I couldn’t live without and simply admired that month.

So here they are!

The Nude Magique CC Cream – L’Oréal Paris (30ml for 13.99€ via Douglas)



A CC Cream that suits every skin tone and neutralizes any redness in your skin.

I found this product by accident in my drug store and had to try it as I sometimes suffer from red spots especially after a long night without enough sleep. It’s weird that the cream is suitable for light to medium skin tones like it says on the package and I wondered whether it suited my but I have to admit: It’s gorgeous!

The cream is green when it comes out of the tube and after working it into the skin it turned out to be exactly my skin tone. I don’t know how L’Oréal did this but they say that the cream „is formulated with Beautifying Beads, encapsulated, color-transforming pigments that counteract redness.“

So to say it is the perfect base before applying your foundation as it covers any red spots and makes the skin appear flawless. Additionally the cream smells and feels very fresh and soft.

Daily Reviving Concentrate – Kiehl’s (30ml  for 42.99€ via Douglas)



This oil helps to revive the skin in the morning and gives a good glow the whole day long.

When the trend of the new facial oils arose, I was given a sample of this oil in the perfumery. I was not so curious about oils in general as I have a mixed skin type and didn’t want to shine all day long. When I tried it I realized that the oil is really great! It smells like fresh ginger, some other ingredients are sunflower oils and Tamanu.

I only need 2 to 3 little drops of the oil and then I work it properly into my skin. It leaves a soft and fresh feeling and balances out skin fatigue, also it gives a radiant glow but doesn’t look too oily and greasy. It dries after about 10 minutes completely and improves the overall face.

Karité Hand Cream – L’Occitane en Provence (30ml for 8.00€ via L’Occitane)


Best Hand Cream Ever! I got this one from a gift box last winter and keep using it all the time. Just a little bit of this cream supplies my hands with a soft feeling.

After L’Occitane en Provence the ingredients almond oil and karité butter provide the hands with moisture and regenerate the skin. The included vitamin e enable the skin to recover and to stop it from drying out.

I admit that the hand cream is quite expensive but I only need a tiny blot for my hands and it is manufactured in France with high quality ingredients that are sustainably and fairly traded.

I hope you liked this little post and the new category. What were your favorite products in June? Hope to hear from you in the comments!







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