Disneyland Paris – A Little Story About My Last Magical Stay

Welcome Back to the Real Wonderland!

Tonight I will dive with you together into the magical universe of Disneyland Paris. A short story about my last journey to Mickey’s place await you…

To see the hotel review of the Vienna House Dream Castle Paris where I stayed, please click here.

But now, let the magic begin!


It was about 10am that my boyfriend and I entered the Walt Disney Studios, the „second“ theme park in the resort. I like it so much that there is music everywhere and you feel like you’re just in another world!

Our first stop: Crush’s Coaster! I just love this turbulent roller coaster and the world of Nemo…
The queue here is always really long so I advice you to visit it right after the opening of the park. Next up was Ratatouille – The Ride: The most amazing thing about this attraction? You’re shrunk down to the size of a rat, smell, feel and move just like Rémy and his friends!


What an adventure! But the best was yet to come… Through a tunnel we walked over to the Toy Story Playland and suddenly I felt like a small toy totally lost in this big place. We started this time with RC Racer, a Halfpipe where Andy’s toy car is speeding along… Urgh! After the ride my hair was a total mess and my boyfriend had to relax some time so we decided to walk through the park and hop over to the „first“ park: Disneyland Park.


And what next? Let’s dive into the world of pirates, mystery and adventure – off to Pirates of the Caribbean! I love this attraction so much and also the first movie is based on this ride so that you can recognize some of the movie’s scenes in the attraction. It also feels just as if you’re in a Caribbean night, the climate, the smell all the palm trees… But then: the pirates take over, they rule Port Royal and take everything they can get! After this adventurous ride and back in cloudy Paris we had a little lunch break at Blue Lagoon, the restaurant that’s inside the attraction. They offer delicious fish and exotic foods.


And after lunch we both were ready for the next thrill: Indiana Jones and the Temple of eril! A terrific roller coaster around the dangerous temple including some sharp turns and  a looping… Ok, we needed a break after his, so what was better than some shopping in Disneyland Paris? I really liked the boutiques in Adventureland, they have more individual souvenirs than the boutiques in the other park areas and I loved the interior decoration they now offer for the kitchen, living room and dining room! I could have bought everything! But my boyfriend interfered and we walked over to Frontierland…


What I found really sad is the refurbishment at the moment, I mean it’s good that they finally renovate the attractions, restaurants and themed areas but they closed in my opinion too much this time. I can tell you that almost everything in Frontierland and nearly half of the Adventureland is closed due to refurbishment and also some attractions in Fantasyland and Discoveryland. Nevertheless we enjoyed our time in the park and went on Phantom Manor… I did this ride so often still I love it so much. You always recognize a new detail in the attraction and another supposedly new ghost of the existing 999.


As you can see here, this was just a small insight into our magical stay at Disneyland Paris… If you want to know more about it, let me now in the comments below! And now enjoy the rest of your day!




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