L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Cushion – Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I prepared a little review for you:


I’ve heard about this new and innovative foundation about two months ago on YouTube and was immediately curious about it. I’ve searched quite some time for a cushion foundation when I came across the L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Cushion for a natural glow.

The product contains 14.6g and costs 14.99€ in Germany. I chose the lightest color as the product is only available in three colors and I have a quite fair skin, it’s the color 01 Porcelaine.

The concept is easy to understand: Once opened you can see a little applicator lying on the first level underneath this is the cushion which is really just a sponge that’s been dived into the foundation. To be honest I never use the little applicator that comes with the foundation as I find it hard and very thin. I tend to use my beautyblender for it and I recommend you to wet it before using it. Of course you can also use a foundation brush to apply it but I haven’t tried it yet…

To apply it I dap my beautyblender onto the sponge two to three times to have some foundation on it and then apply it to my skin. I repeat this process about five times and only do one layer. Although I have oily and combination skin this glow foundation feels really good on my skin and not oily more soft and not thick at all. It gives my face some shine and covers little red spots very good. I wore it several times now all day long on my skin and I have to say that it doesn’t fade fast. It wore well for seven to eight hours on me.



For me this is the perfect summer foundation because it feels as if I’m not wearing anything on my skin and it also has an SPF of 29. The size is very practical for the handbag and as far as I can say it doesn’t leak.

Did you try it already? What is your opinion on it? Give me a comment!


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9 Kommentare zu „L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Cushion – Review

    1. Oh yes that’s really quite pricy for a drugstore product :/ Hm good question… Depends on what you want. The cushion doesn’t give full coverage and has a slight glow to it. I find it perfect for summer as it feels very light and fresh on the skin. Maybe test it in the drugstore first before you purchase it…

      Gefällt mir

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