The Perfect Wedding Outfit

Hello everyone!

Last week I was invited to the wedding of my boyfriend’s cousin. I’m a huge fan of weddings, the atmosphere, the emotions and especially the cake, hahaha…

But one of my struggles: What should I wear?

Here is an inspiration for a wedding outfit and some tips for you as a future guest.



I searched quite a long time for „the perfect dress“ and I finally found one from Chi Chi London. It has a small petticoat under the skirt and is very tight at the top with a floral print.



I combined the dress with my Swarovski jewelry, just a bracelet and some earrings, not too much because I thought the dress speaks for itself. If you are curious about it, it was the Stardust Deluxe Set which was a Christmas Present.


My shoes were quite basic so to say so that they don’t distract from that gorgeous dress. I wore Tamaris T-Strap Pumps in beige.

If you’re interested in my Make-Up and the new Chanel nail lacquer, let me know in the comments 😉



And now, ten tips for you as a wedding guest!

  1. Always bring a tissue! It might be emotional!
  2. And don’t forget to set your make-up with a setting spray to avoid any smudge (especially in summer).
  3. Have two pairs of shoes with you, high heels and flats for the dance floor.
  4. Don’t steel the bride’s show! I always love wearing white or cream dresses but you don’t wanna look like the second bride! So, chose a different one, it’s the brides most important day.
  5. Try not to complain: Even if the food is not your favorite food, the DJ is horrible or the cake is not what you wanted it to be: The bride and groom decided for their wedding, not yours.
  6. Be prepared for everything! Compeed blisters, deodorant, your basic make-up to refresh, a brush, mints… It’ll be a long day!
  7. Switch your phone off during the ceremony! No call is as important as the couple.
  8. And also don’t post embarrassing Facebook/Instagram photos of the married couple, even if you look good in them.
  9. Dance and have fun! Nobody likes a boring guest, sitting on his seat the whole evening.
  10. Most importantly: Thank the couple for the invitation and the amazing evening when you leave!

Hope you enjoyed my article! Please comment if you missed anything and have a nice weekend!


PS: If you like follow me on Instagram for some nice pictures and updates on new blogposts! I just started the site so more pictures will follow 😉


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