15 years of Essence – Birthday Collection ‚live.laugh.celebrate!‘

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Welcome back to my blog. Today, I’m showing you the Essence Birthday Collection ‚live.laugh.celebrate!‘ as the brand celebrates 15 years of beautiful and affordable (!) cosmetics!

The limited edition is available from April to June 2017 so get your hands on it quickly! I was lucky and won an Instagram give-away so that I can now show you all the products they came up with…

Brushes & Bag


The package features a super-pretty holographic make-up bag. It’s quite large and holds all my products when I’m on the way. I think I’m gonna use this one for all the products I need at university to refresh my make-up. Also they included 4 different brush which ends are transparent with some ‚bubbles‘ inside. The tips of the brushes are black and rose, pink and mint. It’s a larger powder brush, a lip brush, and two eyeshadow brushes – one for blending and one for applying small amounts of color. I haven’t tested these yet but they feel quite soft and not too hard and synthetic, still need to check whether they blend well…

New Palettes


Look at the cute new palettes essence came up with! The packaging has little bright and colorful pearls at the top that move around… They offer two kinds of palettes: one for 4 pods and one for 8. Why am I saying „pods“? Well, the palettes are not magnetic like Z palettes but you can insert the little eyeshadow or blush pods from essence. Meaning only these fit in and no other magnetic eyeshadows which I find a bit sad. Also, there is no mirror on the inside so checking your make-up on the go isn’t possible. But for transporting your favorite shadows these palettes are really good and look very individual!

Lip Products


The set also has two very glittery lipsticks: a silver and pink one. I’m not too sure if I’m gonna like these as I fear the glitter makes the lipstick stiff and hard to apply. I can imagine they look good on top of a lipstick to achieve a metallic finish… I have to play around with these two to find out 🙂


Also, essence came up with lip powders and a lip base which fit into their new palettes. The left pod is more or less a base or balm which you apply first on your lips and then top it with a rosy or pinky lip powder… Quite innovative as I haven’t seen this before and definitely need to check this out!

Powders & Blushes


These are my favorite new products essence came up with! First, on the left side we have a translucent setting powder for the undereye and any oily spots in your face. Second, a highlighting shade which is a golden, vanilla shade with shimmer. And my all time favorites are the two shimmery blushes – one in rose and another in pink. The colors look so pretty. Also the powders all feel quite soft and bendable but I need to test them on the face…



10 birthday shades! I divided mine into two different categories: nude, rose and vanilla shades and blue, green and silvers. Honestly, I love the palette on the left side more as I will use these colors more frequently but why not try something new? The blue and green shades will be perfect for that. Overall, they feel creamy and not very dry when I watched them and the color pay-off is good for the price you’re paying!

If you want a more detailed color description of the blushes and eyeshadows, please let me know in the comments down below!

So that was it! What do you think of the birthday collection? Did you get and try any of these products yet?

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MAC Star Trek Collection Review – „Where No Man Has Gone Before“

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Welcome back to my blog! I know it’s been a while since this lipstick was released but still, I’m gonna show it to you and give you a full review as I only had the chance to really try this one in the recent weeks…

What am I talking about? The MAC Star Trek lipstick in the shade “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. This limited edition or rather saying whole product line of Star Trek make-up was released in September for celebrating the 50th anniversary and „Star Trek Beyond“.


I just loved all the shades – especially of the lipsticks and the highlighters/bronzers – the shimmer and the design were simply outrageous. I knew I had to have one product out of this line and I went for the lipstick. I mean it took me a while to find it as it was sold out everywhere so quickly but I finally got it online at Mac.

The Packaging
A caption with flash to see the reflections

One could say it is the usual Mac packaging but they added a little shimmer to the lipstick packaging and the famous Star Trek icon saying 50. SO nothing too extraordinary for a limited edition – I might have expected a cooler and more shimmery lipstick packaging but still, this one looks elegant and simple.

The Shade

First of: Puh! What a loooong name for a lipstick – say that three times in a row please without breaking your tongue 😉

I’d consider this shade to be a cool-toned electric pink with warm golden shimmer. The shimmer and finish make it very day-time appropriate otherwise I’d find this to be too bold… It is a lustre finish so the coverage is semi-transparent and needs to be re-applied after some hours. Although it has quite some glitter and shimmer to it, the lipstick applied very evenly and smooth on my lips and felt neither stiff nor „hard“…


You can wear this shade either all on its own for a very natural look or on top of a nude or pinky lip to give it some extra shimmer and shine.

Overall, I’m really satisfied with this color – I had to get used to the coverage as I mostly wear full coverage and matte lipsticks. But after a little time I could handle it and the finish with its golden shimmer just looks gorgeous! Especially when the sun is shining…

Did you get any items of the Star Trek collection? What did you think of this lipstick?

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Featured image via temptalia.

Wonder Product Charcoal – How to get Perfect Skin 

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Welcome back to the Real Wonderland!

Today, I prepared a little post about a hyped beauty product ingredient – Charcoal!

Let’s start with a little info on the ingredient: The so-called ‚activated charcoal‘ which is produced, just like normal charcoal out of wood, has small/low-volume pores for absorption.

So far so good – How does it actually help your skin?

  1. Cleaner and smaller pores – all the toxins on and in your skin from the environment you are living in clog your pores, charcoal helps to pull out all the dirt and oily remains. Use a face mask for exactly this effect.
  2. Less oily skin – as said before, charcoal absorbs all the oil in your pores and on your skin and leaves a softer feeling on it. I advise you to use a mask with charcoal once a week to avoid any irritation or dryness.
  3. Deeply cleaned skin – If used regularly as a cleanser or gel, charcoal can deeply clean your whole skin, clear your pores and heals irritations or cuts.

I guess everybody knows the black masks that every youtuber mixes or uses at the moment to clean the pores and remove blackheads… I also wanted to try these sooo badly but I found out these sticky and gluey masks can totally ruin your skin! When pulling off the mask you will not only remove your blackheads but also the first layer of your skin. If you do this repetitively it can cause severe damage to your skin such as redness, irritation and peeling.

So what is an alternative that still cleans your skin?

In my local drugstore I recently found three new products made off charcoal.

images via dm drogeriemarkt

It is a washing gel without soap, a cloth mask and a nose strip. Out of now I tested the washing gel on a daily basis for more than two weeks and I have to say, especially around and on my nose, my pores look much cleaner than before. Also I used one nose strip and it is not as aggressive as the gluey ones I’ve seen before and didn’t leave any redness or irritation on me but flawless nose area…

If you’re not able to grab these items, I have some other products you can consider to clean your pores and get a flawless skin!

A cleanser by origins for a daily use that absorbs all toxins, via Sephora
A mask with Himalayan Charcoal that purifies and gives you a nice glow via The Bodyshop
A gel perfect for hydration with charcoal extracts via Sephora

I hope that helped you a little to update your skin care routine and let me know what your favorite charcoal products are!

Stay sparkling!


Featured image via self.com.

Sleek Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette – Get Your Spring Glow

Hey Guys!

Today, I prepared a review about one of my favorite highlighting palettes – the Sleek Solstice Palette in the shade ‚Cleopatra’s Kiss‘. Right now for spring time, this palette offers a really stunning color variety. This time – besides the review and swatches – I also included some inspirations for make-up looks using this palette…




Let me just say that I love love love this gold packaging! The black cardboard pretty much hides the beautiful packaging inside… Not one of my favorite – at a first glance, this wouldn’t attract me… Generally, the palette looks really sleek (haha) and closes magnetically. The size is perfect for putting in your bag and for traveling.

It contains four highly pigmented shades, each of them being about 2.2g and retails for 12.49€. Further, you have a mirror inside which is big enough to actually use it to get ready on the way or to check your make-up and a little, flat brush (I find it to be very stiff, so I don’t use this one). You can buy this palette via amazon (where it tends to be a little bit more expensive) or simply on the Sleek Make-Up Website, however it’s almost always out of stock.

The Shades

Two of the shades are baked powder highlighter, whereas the other two have a creamy consistency. Let’s have a closer look at the shades (from top left to bottom right):


Sphinx – a baked powder and a golden, bronzy shade with glitter particles (that’s my favorite shade of the whole palette)

Delta – a cream highlighter and a true bronze with shimmer

Dynasty – another cream highlight, this time with a champagne/light golden shimmer

Goddess – the second baked highlighter is rather a rose golden shade (mixed with Sphinx it looks fantastic)


Overall, I am really impressed by the pigmentation of all of the shades! The baked highlighters tend to be a bit dry and if you didn’t wet your brush you might risk some fall-out. When you layer the highlight and don’t apply too much product at once, it works perfectly fine.

In the beginning I also had some trouble with applying the cream highlighters and I figured it’s much easier with a beauty sponge than with a make-up brush. The cream shades are really shimmering and need to be blended out (I don’t like o shine too much…). Also, you can set these shades by using one of the powder highlighters which results in a duochrome look…

I find the product to be very long-lasting – it wears great on me for a least 6 hours but I always use a matte setting spray before I leave the house. Still, I think the included brush is really useless (I’m sorry Sleek…) as it just causes an emended fall-out and is simply not soft enough to evenly apply and blend the powder shades. I threw it away…

So all in all, I’m in love with this palette, the colors are please me and can be combined for a more individual look. The price for four highlighters is simply amazing and the quality as well… Definitely recommend this palette!

Some Inspiration


Become Gorgeous


the Fashionaholic



I hope you liked it! What’s your favorite spring highlighter? Let me know and…

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Upcoming Spring Trends & Inspirations – His and Hers

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Welcome back to the Real Wonderland!

So girls, you’re looking for fashionable couple looks this spring? You want to give your boyfriend’s wardrobe a little upgrade? Then stay tuned for today’s post for which I collaborated with Bonobos.com, they sell stunning menswear!

I created three couple looks including some of my favorite spring trends and without further notice – check out your next couple looks…

pastell pastell

Pastell colors are on the way – I really love the colors nude and sand (also rose tones are another hit this season), they fit with everything! Also new shapes arise, this time ruches and romantic ornaments show up in every store. For accessories I chose flats to tie around your ankles (I especially love the ones with decoration on the laces) and a comfy bag with fringes.

denim denim

This time I went for a casual denim look combined with a rosy-nude lipstick. Boots are perfect for spring as it is not too hot to wear them and they look so pretty worn with a dress. The satchel bag and leather jacket complete this folksy look.


Actually I am the kind of personal to wear elegant and romantic looks however I also like some sporty looks – occasionally 😉 The bomber jacket with patches is one of the trend pieces of spring and of course the new Puma Basket Heart sneaker with XXL laces! I combined this with some very basic pieces every wardrobe should possess and a trendy handbag with flowers…

So, guys, that was it… I hope I could inspire you and your boyfriend for some trendy spring looks. What is your it piece this season? Let me know in the comments down below!

Stay sparkling!


Styles created with Polyvore. Featured image via H&M Magazine.